Made in Lismore

Made in Lismore is a bricks and mortar store (and an online marketplace) showcasing products created with decoupage, mosaics, art resin, alcohol ink, acrylic paint and anything paper! Homewares, candles, stationery, packaging, Christmas decorations, planters, hand printed tea towels and scarves, kids clothing and accessories. Craft kits, craft supplies, and workshops along with custom made items for your event or home are all available.
By buying from Made in Lismore you’re supporting local businesses, crafters, makers, producers, small businesses who depend on you to support them.
Your support is so important for not just Made in Lismore, but the thousands of local businesses who were impacted in the worst flooding in Lismore’s recorded history in February 2022 and again in March 2022. The whole of the Lismore CBD, North, East and South Lismore were inundated and our flood recovery continues and will do for quite some time. Years.
Made in Lismore started with many local crafters’ work on consignment. Post-flood (Feb 2022) this has been a blessing and a challenge simply because so many of our creative community have not been able to return to their studios. Moving forward I will have less work on consignment, and and more purchased stock. That said, please get in touch if you’d like to be in-store so we can discuss what’s best for both of us. There will also be a focus on less ‘retail’ and more made to order.