MadeIt Australia

Welcome to Madeit and thank you for choosing to support and embrace Australian Handmade ❤️
In April 2023, I became the very proud owner of this space and have committed myself to ensuring that we make Madeit the go-to platform for Australian Artisans: simplifying and supercharging their online presence.
At the heart of Australia lies a story. It’s not just the story of a vast and beautiful land, but of its people – and the art they bring forth, as varied and breathtaking as the landscapes that inspire it. This story is what makes Madeit more than just a marketplace; it’s the true home of Australian handmade arts and crafts.

Every piece you find here carries with it a narrative of passion, dedication, and an inherent connection to the land we all hold dear. It’s not just about the tangible product, but the journey of the soul that goes into its creation. Each brushstroke, each twist of the fabric, every chisel mark is a testament to the talent and vision of our local artists.
Supporting our artists isn’t merely a transaction; it’s an investment in preserving a precious slice of Australia’s heart. As the world becomes increasingly digital and mass-produced, there’s a unique authenticity in handmade items that can’t be replicated.
The importance of supporting local artisans goes beyond the economics. Yes, when you buy from them, you’re directly contributing to their livelihood, allowing them to continue their craft. But more than that, you’re championing a culture. Our local artists carry with them traditions, some age-old and others new and innovative. They make the world a more thoughtful place!