Mooloolah Valley Honey

Get to know MVH – Mooloolah Valley Honey is a new privately owned small supplier of premium, raw, organic honey. Our honey is produced in our beautiful local town Mooloolah Valley by our founders. Our founders are a group of 4 individuals who see the benefits of housing bees. The original idea for this venture was integrated by a couple and their daughter with the addition of an expert keeper who housed the knowledge to make MVH a success. Now our bees work hard to create their golden goodness that is harvested monthly and sold to local retailers in the area. We developed this company in early 2018 and hope to stay close to our roots and produce the best local honey in the area.

We at MVH we pride ourselves on having honey of the highest quality. To ensure that our honey reaches our high standard we ensure our bees are kept in an optimum location. Our bees face the morning sun and are woken by it each morning. This benefits the bees as it ensures they spend as much of the day as possible searching for pollen to bring back to their hive so they can produce more honey and improve/ expand their colony.

Our premium honey is 100% raw and organic. We do not use chemicals or gas on our bees so their is no chance for any contamination of their honey. Our honey, when processed also contains no additional preservatives. Our honey is cold pressed and full of the flavors of the Mooloolah Valley rain forest where our bees forage. As soon as the frames from the hives are removed they are taken straight to our extractor where every ounce of honey is pulled out and drained into our 350mL jars. This premium grade honey is our biggest and for the time being our only seller. We have this honey in local stores throughout Mooloolah valley.