Pure Bacon

PURE BACON is brought to you by Marcus & Rick Boks. The Boks family’s bacons, hams and sausages have been a renowned Tasmanian favourite for three generations.
Johannes Franciscus Andreas Boks immigrated to Australia in 1951 with his son Johannes Franciscus Maria Boks. They brought with them a traditional Dutch recipe that had been handed down from generation to generation. It was renowned for its smoke flavour. That became our legacy for three generations.‍The Bok’s brothers are so excited to launch the first keto, paleo, bred free-range, nitrite free, e-number free, sugar free, gluten free, dry cured, cold smoked, bacon onto the Australian market.‍
PURE BACON is dry cured and cold smoked in a traditional wood fire smoker with beautiful Tasmanian Oak. A premium, award-winning product of the finest quality with superior flavour that is an absolute favourite with our customers.‍ We are extremely proud to provide Australia the most PURE and healthful choice of bacon!