Release the Zebra

Release The Zebra is a multidisciplinary creative studio run by French art director Anaïs Lobmeyer. Our mission is to help your business release its full potential by providing bold and colorful custom design services.

Did you know plants are happier when they are in colorful pots?
While the above is our own belief, bright colours make you happier according to psychologists. And that’s our mission: spark some joy in your life, or at least, in your interior!
Our ‘high vis vases’ are the perfect addition to any space. Whether you need a subtle touch of color to enhance your room or looking for the next bright piece to complement your colorful interior, we’ve got you!

Hey! I’m Anaïs
I’m the founder and art director behind this one-woman creative studio. My journey began as a Theatre Director in France, where I managed Sound & Light shows before jumping into Visual Communications as an Art Director.
I have a passion for creating bold and engaging visual storytelling as well as crafting accessories. If you’re looking for designs that kick-ass, you’re in good hands.
At Release The Zebra, our mission is to help your business release its full potential. Whether it’s through branding or craft design, we devote our energy to making you shine.