S.J. White Furnituremaker

Embarking on the journey of crafting bespoke furniture is more than a job for me – it’s a heartfelt connection with the intricate process, the unique character of timber, and most importantly, your unique story.
Beyond crafting exquisite furniture, I’m all about making your journey highly collaborative, immersive and fun. I’m here to guide you through every step, making sure you’re not just a part of the process but truly feel the heart of your bespoke piece coming to life. I cherish building friendships with customers, valuing your stories as much as the process of bringing furniture to life. It’s not just about acquiring a piece; it’s about a shared experience and a lasting connection.

Growing up in the captivating landscapes of The New Forest in southern England, my childhood was filled with exploration and creation. I would spend hours rummaging through the shelves of our shed, collecting odds and ends to fashion elaborate treehouses or makeshift skateboards from spare planks. What captivated me most was the process of building and crafting, rather than the end result.
Over the course of two decades, I had the privilege of working alongside high-end architects and specialist designers in luxury property development and super yacht fit-outs, serving in various management capacities. Despite honing my skills and developing an eye for exceptional design, I felt a lingering sense of unfulfillment.
Driven by a deep-seated passion for craftsmanship and quality, I sought to marry my childhood love for making with my appreciation for superior design. Today, from my studio nestled in the tranquil bushland at the foot of Brisbane’s Mount Coot-tha, I’ve discovered my true calling.

Working by hand means that I can maintain quality through every step of the build. From hand selecting the best pieces of rough lumber, to feeling every flaw or change of grain direction in the timber as I work. I practice continuous quality control and ensure every piece is built with optimal strength and aesthetic quality.
I use hand tools extensively, employing traditional joinery techniques which have been practiced and refined by craftsmen for thousands of years. While the quality of a hand tooled finish can not be matched, I embrace a modern approach and use machines where it brings an appropriate advantage. I use 3D CAD software to model each piece and ensure the tools and machinery in my studio are maintained incredibly sharp and perfectly calibrated to ensure the exacting tolerances required to produce fine furniture of exceptional quality.