Sanct was always going to be a values led brand. I wrote out the values it would encompass before I even had a name or knew what kind of clothing I would produce.
For years I struggled with the idea of starting a clothing brand, the industry didn’t need ‘more things’. But after my time in the industry I saw the need for more values led designers, not for ‘more things’ but for a better way of making.
That’s how Sanct began, as a slow fashion practice, made in my own studio by my own hands.

Sanct won’t leave you with a few unquantifiable buzz words and call it a day. After all, what does ‘ethical’ or ‘sustainable’ really mean if the answer is different depending on who you ask?
Transparency is at the heart of what we do, we give the consumer a list of components for each product like a recipe for the garment, from threads to fabric and trims. It can then be up to you if these fit your values. We will always be lovingly made in Australia and we will always be led by our values.

Designing from values is a challenging and exciting prospect. These values become a list of rules, of ‘do’ and ‘don’t’ principals that we consult each time a new piece is imagined. As fashion garments are often complex and have different distinct stages we have categorised these as Make, Materials, Use & End of Life/Recycling.

The CMT (sewing) of all Sanct garments currently takes place on Wurundjeri Country in the Sanct studio by my own two hands. As we grow I will source ECA accredited suppliers in Australia to help me make.
Our pattern making is handled by local talents RB Patternmaking who are experts with way too much experience and are also ECA accredited. Our ‘do’s’ and ‘don’ts’ of manufacturing;
Use ECA accredited factories to manufacture clothes.
Manufacture in our own studio.
Manufacture offshore.

Sanct clothing is created to last. We take great care in selecting durable finishes that are also beautiful. We also offer lifetime repairs within Australia. A Sanct piece is intended to outlive us all, circulating on bodies before being recycled into new fibres. We are researching the best way to offer a take back program for garment recycling. We are looking into different textile recyclers we could partner with so watch this space!