Sandy McLean – Artist

Internationally celebrated artist Sandy McLean The Outback Artist, brings to life the beauty and splendour of the Australian outback with her unique use of bright and bold colours…reflected in her paintings and products.
Each Sandy McLean legging, tote and duffel bags has a story, showing Sandy’s connection to and love of the outback following a lifetime of working and living on cattle properties. All pieces reflect her passion for detail and colour, and bring a vibrant part of the great Australian outback to your home or wardrobe.

Sandy’s life on cattle properties means she has experienced firsthand the distress and loss drought can bring to framers and their families. This experience has driven Sandy’s support for the Black Dog Institute, an organisation dedicated to understanding, preventing and treating mental illness. A share of all Sandy McLean sales goes towards helping improve the mental health of Australians, including those in regional communities.