Stanthorpe Cheese

Come up to Queensland’s highest and coldest dairy farm cheese shop for one of the best things to do in Stanthorpe.
For the past 12 years our artisan cheeses have been made from a single herd of pure bred Jersey cows from one farm.
This makes our cheeses totally unique and seasonally different and interesting. If it’s raining and the grass is rich and luscious, the cheese reflects this with its bright yellow colour and earthy aroma.
In winter, when there’s frost on the ground every morning and sometimes snow, the cows are cold and being fed hay. ​This results in cheeses more intense in flavour and lower in yield.
​Currently with the drought affecting us we no longer own or milk our cows on site but still use local farmers milk sourced from local Norco farms.
Stanthorpe cheese is situated at Thulimbah, in the border highlands, 10 minutes north of Stanthorpe on the Granite Belt. Our altitude is 925 metres above sea level.
Our night time temperatures have been as low as -15C and sometimes in winter daytime doesn’t get much above 5C.​