Tasman Sea Salt

With their passion for artisanal produce and gourmet food, every part of the Tasman Sea Salt production process is a labour of love for founders and farmers Chris Manson and Alice Laing.
Born and raised in Tasmania, Chris Manson spent his summer holidays working on the east coast where he developed a passion for the incredible landscape of his home state. After university in Sydney Chris moved to London to live and work – and in 2008 met his wife to be, Alice, at the music festival Glastonbury.
Growing up in Scotland, Alice’s love of good food developed at a young age. Surrounded by a family of enthusiastic cooks and working for her mother’s catering business during school holidays, Alice gained the knowledge and passion to start her own freelance catering business in her university years, before moving to London to work on sponsorship of the London 2012 Olympic Games.

During a trip home to visit family in Tasmania, Chris and Alice questioned why they weren’t able to buy a local sea salt when the environment and pristine natural resources of Tasmania seemed ideal for salt production. This planted the seed of an idea and in 2013 they decided to take the leap, and moved back to Chris’ home-state to set up their business harvesting sea salt.
Chris and Alice believe that purity is what makes their salt so special – both in terms of provenance and flavour profile. As passionate food lovers and long-time advocates for Tasmanian produce they have found their calling with Tasman Sea Salt, creating a beautiful product made with integrity.
Chris and Alice live on the east coast of Tasmania, and share their passion for this place with their three daughters and their dog, Beauly.