Tasmanian Pickled Onions

Just a short 15 minute drive from Devonport, nestled behind beautifully landscaped gardens, encompassing lovely green pastures, you will find our Tasmanian Pickled Onion factory located at 100 Westella Drive, Ulverstone. Fresh onions specially grown on selected farms of the North West Coast of Tasmania are peeled and bottled in our factory. Stringent quality controls, committed personnel, pride and passion has led us to specialise in producing Tassie’s tastiest pickled onion for everyone to enjoy.

Tasmanian Pickled Onions Pty Ltd is a family owned/operated company with traditional values and a hands-on approach to every aspect of the business. We have been producing the finest quality pickled onions grown in Tasmania since 1999.
Tasmania has a reputation of growing the best quality onions due in part to the fertile, rich, red, volcanic soils and cool climate of our island State. Next years’ onions are now planted and they will be graded in February.
We use traditional methods, including hand-trimming the onions and we take enormous pride in carefully handling the produce to achieve the best quality pickled onions.
Our Process includes Inspection, Peeling, Trimming, Brining, Rinsing, Adding spices, Bottling / Packaging, Storage and Distribution.