The Hidden Sea

A wine company that removes plastic from the ocean for every bottle sold.
Friendly – “We’re so thankful for everyone who believes in The Hidden Sea.”
Confident – “We got this!”
Engaging – “Look what we’ve accomplished together!”

26 million years ago, South Australia was covered by the Great Southern Ocean. When the ocean receded, the fossilised marine life left the soil rich with nutrients, which allows the grapes to flourish today.
The Hidden Sea wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for the sea, so we’re on a mission to “Save The Sea” from ocean waste plastic pollution; to give back to “the hidden sea” that made our vineyards possible.

For every 1 bottle of The Hidden Sea sold, 10 plastic bottles are removed and recycled from the ocean
Wine drinkers can make a real difference in the world, just by drinking wine
Carbon Neutral
All of our products are Climate Active Carbon Neutral certified
Vegan Friendly
Additional Environmental Support
We constantly collaborate on beach and waterway cleanups around the world
We constantly support sustainable events and environmental initiatives
Along with Zero Co, we are founding members of The Billion Bottle Cleanup, with the goal of removing and repurposing the equivalent of 1 billion plastic bottles from the ocean by 2030
We remove 100 plastic bottles from the ocean just for signing up for our newsletter!