The Hive Ocean Grove

Established in 2016, our gallery is dedicated to sharing local, national and international art, in a thoughtfully curated space. The story behind the works is considered, providing art lovers with the opportunity to purchase artworks that bring them both joy and contemplation.
We are a small entity but a committed community player employing environmentally and ethically sound business practices. We foster national and international artistic collaboration in support of sustainability, education of the arts, and themes of wellbeing and the environment, as we continue to grow our presence.

The Hive Ocean Grove houses an exceptional and unique range of artistic mediums including bronze sculpture, paintings, ceramics & handcrafted furniture, from both established and emerging artists, many of them talented locals.
Downstairs is the exclusive home of Willie Wildlife Sculptures with their internationally renowned bronze work capturing the essence of our birds and wildlife in freestanding sculptures & signature birdbaths that will last forever.
Upstairs, the large gallery displays an impressive range of our stable of over 35 represented artists work, complemented by a themed month long Solo or Group Exhibition in the Middle Room Space.
Recognised for our considered curation, at the heart of this, themes of the natural environment and our harmony and wellbeing within it, are a strong focus.
We are honoured to be part of the Geelong Regional Gallery Membership Benefits Program.