Trevor Neale

Hi there, my name is Trevor Neal. I began this creative life some years ago as morethanpalletable, armed with just a few basic tools, a bunch of disused pallets and the dream of living a simple life through my own hand. I still remember the feeling of creating and selling my very first pallet piece. I was on my way and liking the freedom that came with it. Since then, my work has continued to evolve and today I really enjoy crafting unique, functional, one-off pieces with a story to tell. I’m environmentally concerned and like the idea of giving things another chance at life. There’s something beautiful about timber that has already lived and I look for the opportunity to expose that where I can. It’s why I prefer to work with recycled timbers. All that said, nothing is left to chance, including quality in construction and design. Please feel free to get in touch if you think I may be able to help you.