Walkabout Apiaries

All family members are involved in the different aspects of the business whether we are rearing queen bees, harvesting honey, producing beeswax candles or Mead. On market days it is all hands on deck and the Grandchildren often get involved too.
Bees have taught us to be a close family, to work harmoniously and productively to meet our collective goals. They have taught us patience, provided reward in good seasons and offered solace in hard years. Our bees are the greatest teachers in our lives and a daily link to the environment in which we live.

Our Walkabout Honey is cold extracted and packed by hand. Care is taken at each step to ensure our honey remains true to its origins. Our honey is spun from the comb, settled, strained once then bottled.
Each honey variety presents its own unique taste from the sweet Ironbark to the robust Mountain Harvest. Honey is never just honey, so try a couple and find your favourite.

If you enjoy craft beer and interesting wines, our Whitehead’s Mead is for you.
Flavours are influenced by the the flowers our bees feed on, leading to a range of meads ideal for food pairing, cocktail mixing and enjoying pure flavours on the rocks.

You’ve seen beeswax candles before. Now, meet Ivy and Vanda. These two ladies would love to come to your next dinner party and be a part of the rowdy conversation. In fact, they’ll happily take up residence wherever you fancy – the bathroom, study, the table, anywhere!