Wayfinder Wines

Sometimes it’s the things you don’t do that count…
It sounds strange, but in many ways we strive for a philosophy of less… less impact on the environment, less intervention in the winery, less waste, less artefact and less noise. If we can maintain a light footprint by interfering with nature as little as possible, this is what makes us feel we’re on the right track.

Ecosystem Thinking
Traditional farming sees a relationship to the land which is largely production focused. We’re trying to steer away from this by applying a philosophy aligned with the three principles of sustainability; social, economical and environmental. When we work with these concepts, we are on our way to creating a more harmonious Wayfinder ecosytem.

Social Sustainability
Simply put, this means supporting a culture of kindness in our workplace and engaging with our community towards its improvement and connectivity. Although only a young brand, we have aspirations to make small, local efforts that connect us to the movement that brings global change.

Economical Sustainability
Here we’re relying on applying careful resource management and strategies to grow slowly and responsibly. Working closely as a team goes a long way towards making sure our brand is a happy, viable and commercially balanced business.

Environmental Sustainability
We started out by considering how best to apply the 3 “R’s” (reduce, reuse and recycle) but have been delighted to discover there are so many more. Our aim is to have an ethos that unfolds into finding ways to also regenerate, restore and rejuvenate the property we look after.

Our practices are born out of a philosophy to tread lightly in our farming, winemaking and community. While we manage our vineyard organically, we have many other projects on our property that require our daily attention to ensure that the tenets of sustainability hold fast. Aside from the vines, we tend to a large-scale revegetation planting, chickens, sheep and bees. Along with the “Bee Friendly” certified honey we produce, a veggie garden and newly planted orchard will supply our urban cellar door. By supporting a myriad of flora and fauna species, we aim to achieve a balance in biodiversity that benefits us all.