Iron House Brewery Distillery

At the edge of the Tasman Sea, where the old droving hut Iron House once stood watchful, we carefully hone our craft. Mere moments from where the sea floor falls away into the mysterious depths, the dark unknown, we sow, grow, brew, distill and mature all facets of quality craft beer, southern climate wines and spirits on site.

Floating amidst the sea, in an endless parade of life, are stories and the battles that lie within them. This endless enigma, packed full of wonder, inspires us to create something unique, enticing and strangely familiar to compliment these tales…… Hence, we craft drinks for celebrating your best days and reflecting thoughtfully on your hardest. Ironhouse Tasmania is a Brewery, Vineyard and Distillery family-owned business situated on Tasmania’s gorgeous East Coast. We are perfectly situated for visitors to explore the unique qualities and attractions of these regional areas whilst enjoying what we have to offer. Surrounded by epic surf, untainted sky, rugged mountains, and spectacular beaches, Ironhouse truly sits in paradise.

We began business 15yrs ago, with the creation of the Vineyard, its vines being sown, and the Brewery being installed with its first craft beers produced soon thereafter. 8yrs passes and a hybrid still to produce spirit was installed, with our first whisky washes laid down for maturation a few months later. The distillery was born and now produces many different expressions of spirit and Single Malt, the future is filled with dramtastic vision.

The perfect place for a beer, wine, gin, or a single malt whisky.
The little brewery, vineyard n’ distillery by the sea.