Laura McCusker Studio and Workshop

Dedicated to creating functional pieces from honest materials, Laura has been designing and making furniture for more than 25 years. Founding her business in Sydney, Laura now calls Tasmania home, working from a 110 year old former apple packing shed, with the sound of the New Town Rivulet as her soundtrack.
Her adopted island state provides inspiration for her work, and she strives to make pieces that don’t compete with the natural beauty and peaceful simplicity of her surroundings. Instead she aims to be sympathetic to what’s around and let the timber speak for itself.
Laura has a deep respect for her materials, preferring to use any of the five species under the umbrella term Tasmanian Oak. Sourcing her timber from the family owned McKay’s Timber or Britton’s Timber for specialty materials, she has a great relationship with suppliers and will hand pick through piles to find the right piece for your job.
Laura’s work extends from indoor and outdoor tables and benches to custom joinery and functional art. Laura doesn’t create dining chairs, but can point you in the right direction of beautiful makers who can.
Locally, Laura’s work can be seen at Mona, Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery and Spring Bay Mill.