Rhuby Delights

If you’re a chocolate enthusiast with a desire for the extraordinary, Rhuby Delights is a name that should be on your radar. Nestled in the heart of North West Tasmania, this artisanal chocolate company has been delighting taste buds with its unique creations since its inception. With a strong commitment to using locally sourced ingredients and sustainable practices, Rhuby Delights has carved a sweet niche for itself in the world of gourmet chocolate.

Rhuby Delights had humble beginnings when founder and chocolatier, Malcolm Ryan, decided ‘to make rhubarb new again’ – taking delicious sweet rhubarb that his mother used to grow, then transforming it into freeze dried balls and covering them in 54% dark chocolate! With a background in organic farming and a deep love for his home state of Tasmania, Malcolm set out to create chocolates that not only tasted divine but also celebrated the natural beauty and flavors of the island.

What sets Rhuby Delights apart is our dedication to crafting chocolates that are a true reflection of the Tasmanian Brand. Our products are infused with a range of local ingredients, obviously including a range of rhubarb flavours but also extending to raspberries, strawberries, cherries, blackberries and honey-roasted macadamia amongst many others – all without any artificial flavours or preservatives. This commitment to using homegrown treasures ensures that every bite of Rhuby Delights chocolate is an authentic taste of Tasmania, sourced from all across the state with a focus on giving you real flavours – our fruit is freeze-dried to keep that intense flavour inside, and our coffee beans and nuts are roasted to perfection, which are then coated in chocolate and polished for you to enjoy.