We help Tasmanian makers, Tasmanian manufacturers and Tasmanian innovators present their creations to the world while they continue to focus on what they do best, creating, making and innovating beautiful things.
Tasnique started in March 2020, at a time of great uncertainty during the Covid 19 crisis – with many Tasmanian based hand-crafted makers and builders suddenly losing their main source of customers as tourists and travelers were no longer moving through the state and no-one was buying.

Two fine timber product makers Bruce and Craig of Bruces Boxes decided not to give in or give up, they were going to find a way to keep on going. “Let’s go online” they said.

An additional worry for Bruce and Craig was that they would no longer be able to invest their time and energies 100% into making their products and they would need to split their focus to work out this “online” thing. Through a personal connection with Peter Harback, founder of Launceston based online retailer CoolThings Australia they teamed up and Tasnique was born.

A serial digital maker, Peter loves helping people build businesses and could see that he could help Craig and Bruce get their beautiful products online as well as use Tasnique as a platform to help other Tasmanian makers who want to focus on their making and not have to worry about everything that is involved with selling online.

If you’re a Tasmanian maker or manufacturer of high quality products we would love to hear from you about displaying your products on Tasnique. Please feel welcome to contact us for more information.