Lara Stone The Label

Lara Stone’s garments started in 2016 on the beautiful Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia. The Sunshine Coast is known for it’s beautiful beaches and hinterland which are a constant inspiration to Lara as a designer.
Lara works with a small group of people who are passionate about a sustainable future in the fashion industry. Following the slow clothing ethos, we hope that each garment be worn, shared, repaired and loved for as long as possible.
Lara creates enduring designs with natural fibres from companies using sustainable practices such as solar power. All garments are made in Australia, keeping local skills alive and incorporate remnants left at the end of our collections into our one-off art pieces.

Naturally Dyed Fabrics
All the naturally dyed garments in the collection are coloured in the Lara Stone open-aired studio. While on adventure in the Australian bush, Lara collects native Australian flora from which plant dyes and pigments are coaxed.
Lara has been experimenting with a mixture of ancient and modern natural dyeing techniques over the last decade to extract natural colours sourced from native Australian flora and minerals. All naturally dyed garments are unique, each one the result of an enchanting process.

About Lara Stone
Lara has perfected her techniques, creating stunning, one-of-a-kind garments that reflect the beauty of the environment in which she lives. Lara has collaborated with various talented individuals to gain knowledge and create a story through her garments. Her garments are expressions of her love of the Australian bush. Shown through beautiful photos with environmental themes, the garments message reaches beyond garment to be a metaphor for environmental awareness.
Lara often travels with her partner Jolyon Froude who is a dedicated environmentalist and native seed collector. Their converging interests mean that they are often studying the bush together. Whilst on bush trips, Lara draws the flora that they collect, it is Lara’s hope that some of these drawings may be seen on her garments one day.
Lara and Jolyon are based a few kilometres from Yandina on 32 acres that they are rehabilitating together.