Australian Ceramics

Australian ceramics offer a unique and innovative take on this ancient art form, showcasing a diverse range of styles and techniques that reflect the nation’s multicultural society and its love for creativity. From functional tableware to sculptural installations, Australian ceramicists are pushing the boundaries of traditional pottery to create fresh and exciting pieces that are as diverse as the country’s landscapes.

Indigenous Australian ceramics, in particular, have gained international recognition for their distinctive style and cultural significance. This ancient art form has been practiced by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples for thousands of years, with traditional techniques such as pit firing and hand-building that continue to be used today. These techniques are often combined with contemporary designs and motifs to create stunning pieces that reflect the stories and traditions of Australia’s First Nations peoples.

Meanwhile, contemporary Australian ceramicists are also making their mark on the global stage, with innovative installations, sculptures, and functional ware that showcase the unique talents of this country’s artists. From urban studios to regional galleries, there is always something new and exciting to discover in Australia’s vibrant ceramics culture.

By choosing to support Australian ceramicists and their work, consumers are not only investing in high-quality products but also contributing to the local economy and promoting sustainable practices. This has led to a thriving ceramics scene that celebrates the old and the new, where traditional techniques might be applied to modern designs, or where new technologies are used to create unique pieces.

In conclusion, Australian ceramics offer a rich and diverse range of styles and techniques that reflect the nation’s multicultural society and its love for creativity. From the ancient traditions of indigenous pottery to the contemporary installations of emerging artists, there is always something new and exciting to discover in Australia’s vibrant ceramics culture.

  • Fika Faru

    Fika Faru

    One of a kind Ceramics. Handmade on the Gold Coast by Emily Glover.Fika – A Swedish word meaning Coffee Break.Faru – The Old English word for Journey. We are a small Handmade Ceramics business with a purpose to inspire the pursuit of Self kindness & Love through little conscious moments of Self care each day,…

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  • Sensei Pots

    Sensei Pots

    Ian Beniston is renowned for his lustrous copper red glazes and for producing decorative art pieces and sophisticated functional pottery, with a distinct east Asian influence. Working from his Sensei Pots studio and gallery near Yallingup, in the Margaret River region of Western Australia, Ian has worked as a professional potter and ceramic artist for…

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  • Reid Pottery

    Reid Pottery

    Ian ReidI have been working with clay for over forty years, starting out at 17, having being inspired by a wonderful art teacher. I taught myself to make pots on a wheel in my parent’s garage and sold my work at markets in and around Brisbane.In 1983 I moved to the Blackall Range on the…

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  • Just Jane Ceramics

    Just Jane Ceramics

    Just Jane ceramics is a unique range of contemporary porcelain homewares which are handmade in Australia. Working on the pottery wheel, each piece is designed, made and decorated by Jane creating work which combine quality, function and aesthetics.Jane uses porcelain for its ability to create fine rimed, lightweight but robust items which are microwave and…

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  • Gordon Studio Glassblowers

    Gordon Studio Glassblowers

    As one of the most internationally celebrated Art Glass families in Australia, the Gordon Studio Glassblowers presents years of practice, infinite patience, and unique work to the world of Art Glass. Consisting of 7 members across 3 generations, this family of engravers and glassblowers prove that glass has a continued importance within the modern canvas…

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  • Eamonn Vereker

    Eamonn Vereker

    Unique and beautifully handcrafted glass art made by Master Cutter and Glass Artist, Eamonn Vereker, Adelaide, South Australia.Eamonn takes great joy and pride in opening up people’s eyes to the colours and wonders of nature through creating unique and beautiful pieces; each one a new expression of colour, light, warmth, beauty and fragility. When you…

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  • Belinism


    I’m a mud monkey and eternal doodler, living in a mountain top village in Queensland, Australia. I’m also a daydreamer with a passion for increasing world joyfulness in my own little creatively handmade way.I make work that evokes happiness. I create smiles from blocks of clay. I wedge, wheel throw, build, paint, carve and glaze…

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  • Mud Australia

    Mud Australia

    Since 1994, Mud Australia has created elegant and timeless porcelain homewares. Founded and designed by Shelley Simpson, our collection, available in 19 shades, is as much about self-expression as it is about functionality.Our work is something that on its own offers a minimalist aesthetic but lives happily in any creative space or interior. Single pieces…

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  • e360 Design

    e360 Design

    e360 Design is a comprehensive interior design studio and gallery offering a 100% Australian made range of original artwork, soft furnishings and furniture, established by Tamborine Mountain designer Jen Robson. e360 Design offers an abundant range of premium quality homewares, whilst also offering bespoke services in art, textile design, upholstery, wallpaper and original and upcycled…

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  • Kim Wallace Ceramics

    Kim Wallace Ceramics

    From our hands to yours, we love making beautiful ceramics for your home.All our ceramics are carefully crafted by hand in Noosa by our small, vibrant team of potters, glazers, designers and creative thinkers. We are all makers at heart and delight in producing beautiful pieces for both your home and our own. Our pieces…

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  • Between the Hills

    Between the Hills

    Jillian Peate is a local Northern Rivers artist based in Kingscliff, NSW. Under the name Between The Hills, she works primarily with ceramics, often combining this with floral design, painting and drawing.Jillian graduated from Sydney’s College Of Fine Arts in 2012 with studio majors in painting and drawing. In 2018, after returning home to the…

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  • Deep Blue Creative

    Deep Blue Creative

    Deep Blue Creative is based on the Tweed Coast of Northern New South Wales. The beauty of our coastal environment provides constant inspiration and features heavily in the design choices we make in our work.All our ceramics are handmade and hand painted. We use quality materials and food safe finishes so they can be used…

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  • Adele Macer Ceramics

    Adele Macer Ceramics

    I am Adele Macer, a self-taught ceramicist and qualified teacher residing and creating on the lands of the Wurundjeri people.My work is an invitation into the world of functional, beautiful, and thoughtful design through handmade ceramics. Employing wheel throwing, hand-building, and slip casting processes, I craft pieces that are both simple in design and practical…

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  • AKA


    AKA is a hand-made, hand painted ceramics brand, created by me, Amelia Kingston. We are nestled in the Grampians in the little town of Stawell, Victoria, Australia.Since I was 15 I wanted to be a potter. I was told by my careers teacher that being a potter was no way to make a living and…

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  • and O Design

    and O Design

    Since 2009, from a home ceramics studio in the northern suburbs of Melbourne, Japanese artist Yumi Ando has hand-crafted intricately decorated lustre necklaces and earrings, curious bunny broaches, miniature plant hangers, faceted geometric forms and more. Inspired by the natural world and industrial forms, whilst also drawing on her Japanese heritage, each piece comes to…

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  • Anna Scheen

    Anna Scheen

    Anna Scheen is a ceramic artist, painter, and contemporary jeweller. Her work leans towards the subtle and her porcelain work is super fine, often contrasting the pure whiteness of the porcelain clay with midnight blackness. Her work explores themes of uncertainty and the unseen. The space between seeing and understanding, time and observation.Anna studied printmaking…

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  • Arcadia Scott Ceramics

    Arcadia Scott Ceramics

    Hi. I’m Arcadia, the designer, maker and brains behind Arcadia Scott Ceramics. I’m a full time potter working from my home studio in Woodend, Victoria. Every piece I create is completely unique and I enjoy creating clean forms, curved edges and surface textures.I create both hand built and wheel thrown pieces and aim to creates…

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  • Authete Studio

    Authete Studio

    A small studio focusing on small batch, hand made, everyday utilitarian essentials.Authete is a space for play and experiment where we can create on our own terms, for the simple joy of making.

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  • Bridget Bodenham

    Bridget Bodenham

    Having spent the last 15+ years creating + making within the incredible medium that is clay, it is truly special to over these years become apart of many homes and my pieces be apart of your everyday lives. It is equally as special to see the continual growth and learning I continue to experience every…

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  • Carla Dinnage Ceramics

    Carla Dinnage Ceramics

    A love of clay and art inspires Carla Dinnage to handcraft unique ceramic designs. In 2014 she established a studio to focus on this lifelong passion. Carla’s work reflects both refined and rustic influences that stem from a background studying Fine Art Ceramics, working for Louis Vuitton, and traveling the world.With traces of Europe, the…

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  • Katherine Wheeler Ceramics

    Katherine Wheeler Ceramics

    Katherine is an Australian artist, who works from her home studio in Castlemaine, Victoria. Her work is often found at the Finder’s Keepers, and The Big Design Markets, in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane, as well as selected retail outlets in Australia.Having a dad who is a potter meant she grew up hand building with clay,…

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  • Pilar Rojas

    Pilar Rojas

    Although my workshop is now in Melbourne, I have a home in a small rural town near Granada, in the south of Spain. This is where slow living derives its real meaning. In this village people still go to work on a donkey, eat the seasonal produce of what they grow, bottle excess harvest and…

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  • Pinched by Nevena

    Pinched by Nevena

    Pinched. by Nevena creates unique and functional pieces for the home and to enjoy with loved ones. Pinched Studio is located in the Blue Mountains, Australia.Pinched. was born from a love of throwing methodically on the wheel and experimentation with gas reduction firings. The reduction process produces a range of effects on the outcome of…

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  • Red Fox Pottery

    Red Fox Pottery

    Functional ceramics and artwork for your home and garden. A selection of wonderful artists from around AustraliaAustralia is a vast and diverse land, and its artistic community reflects this rich tapestry of culture, landscape, and history. Here, we have a glimpse at a selection of artists from around this continent-sized country, each contributing their unique…

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  • Studio Do

    Studio Do

    Studio Do is a Melbourne-based homeware brand that creates contemporary and minimalist tableware and sculptural pieces from locally foraged wood. Rebecca Monaghan, the creative behind Studio Do, combines her background in visual arts and software design to produce bespoke and functional pieces from her one-person workshop in Williamstown, Victoria. Rebecca’s passion for woodturning and carving…

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  • Voluptuary Ceramics

    Voluptuary Ceramics

    Voluptuary Ceramics comes from the small, slowmade studio of Australian artist and ceramicist Emma Bartik.Crafted by hand and designed with care, Emma’s playful yet sophisticated pieces blur the line between sculptural and functional objects.Creating from her Botany Studio on Bidjigal land, Emma’s work consists of dreamy pastel tableware, shapely vessels, and anthropomorphic sculptures.Emma playfully uses…

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  • Wonki and J Ceramics

    Wonki and J Ceramics

    Wonki and J ceramics is based in Melbourne north, Australia, creates functional ceramic pieces designed to be natural, simple and practical for your home to everyday life using locally supplied material that are chosen thoughtfully.Majority of our works are made of very rough and dark stoneware clay decorated with white slip so the colour and…

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  • Hayden Youlley

    Hayden Youlley

    I design and produce handmade, functional homewares in my studio in Marrickville, Sydney. I have been working full time on Hayden Youlley Design for almost 7 years. Before that, it was a part time passion project that I started while I was completing a Bachelor of Design at the College of Fine Arts, University of…

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  • Nicole is Nicole Ceramics

    Nicole is Nicole Ceramics

    I’m a muddy creative who started making pottery back in 2016 when my husband and I found our way to the beautiful Fleurieu Peninsula in South Australia.It all started to meet people in our local community and as a creative outlet to escape from a technical-focused world. But, as soon as I laid my hands…

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  • Paxxy and Flora

    Paxxy and Flora

    My aim with P&F is to help you elevate your everyday moments and spaces through thoughtful purchases.Whether it’s a statement vase as a centre-piece for your table, or a small dish to keep your earrings in, it’s not about just a vase or a bowl. It’s not just about being handmade. It’s about experience. Warmth.…

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  • Satya Ceramics

    Satya Ceramics

    Satya is the Sanskrit word for truth. It also refers to a virtue in Indian religions, referring to being truthful in one’s thought, speech and action. In Yoga, satya is one of five yamas, the virtuous restraint from falsehood and distortion of reality in one’s expressions and actions. With the establishment of Satya Ceramics I…

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  • Mission Glass

    Mission Glass

    Mission Glass was created from our desire to contribute to reducing the number of glass bottles that end up in landfill. Currently, Australia imports 51% of its glassware from China, the glass used in their production often has a higher melting point than local glass, which renders it non-recyclable and creates more landfill.Mission Glass is…

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  • Cantara Australia

    Cantara Australia

    Cantara Australia is committed to sourcing unique gifts made from high quality wool by some of Australia’s most skilled artisans and manufacturers.Founder Rachel Giles’ life-long passion for all things wool goes back multiple generations to her great-grandfather, George Jeffrey, Founder of Wool-Classing in Australia.In a further twist of fate George’s son, George Jeffrey went on…

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  • Glass by Emma Klau

    Glass by Emma Klau

    Emma Klau graduated from the University of South Australia in 2007 with a Visual Arts degree specialising in hot glass. Since the early stages of her glass education, Emma’s love of large vessel blowing and her inspiration to create organic forms has been evident in her work. She went on to work in Max Klubals…

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  • Melting Pot Glass

    Melting Pot Glass

    Australian hot glass artist, Gerry Reilly, creates handmade blown art glass from his renowned Melting Pot Glass Studio in Margaret River Wine Region.After 23 years as a public demonstration studio and gallery, Gerry and his partner Margot Edwards have closed their main street gallery and built a new home studio in Summer 2014. They have…

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  • Upcycled Glassware

    Upcycled Glassware

    Upcycled Glassware promises to find new value in the discarded, while celebrating the circular economy of recycling and upcycling.Using existing materials, responsible production methods and sustainable practices, Upcycled Glassware’s mission is to contribute to a growing movement toward sustainable living and mindful consumption.We take a considered approach to each piece or batch we create. Whether…

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  • Sandy Lockwood Ceramics

    Sandy Lockwood Ceramics

    My relationship with clay began in 1975. This creative medium immediately attracted me through the raw and direct tactile experience it offered. I initially worked in a pottery production studio, and then continued my training by studying ceramics full time at East Sydney Technical College.I make woodfired saltglazed ceramics, both tableware and sculptural work, in…

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  • Oshala Earthforms

    Oshala Earthforms

    Oshala was born in 2021 with a vision for beautiful earth conscious products, eco-friendly alternatives to body adornments & functional household items.A creative exploration of organic modern art that represents the earth and her forms, the art directly influenced by immediate surroundings and curated from nature itself.Oshala works with a range of textiles, plants, wild…

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  • Mudlarks Studio

    Mudlarks Studio

    Here at Mudlarks we’ve been bringing fun to pottery classes since 1997. The human connection to clay is fundamental and we tap into that to help you tap into your creativity. Class sizes are limited, with a maximum of 6 students in each.Small classes mean you get to know each other quickly which adds to…

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  • Katherine Mahoney Ceramics

    Katherine Mahoney Ceramics

    I’m lucky enough to have a studio tucked away at the bottom of my Sydney garden, a wooden cabin that houses my wheels and glazes. There, among tranquil, leafy surrounds, I create my hand-thrown ceramics. The shelves are bustling with pots at all stages of the making process, clambering for my attention. My kiln hums…

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  • Cathy Franzi

    Cathy Franzi

    Dr Cathy Franzi is an award-winning visual artist interested in expressing scientific and environmental knowledge through the representation of Australian flora on ceramic form.Franzi has held sixteen solo and participated in more than thirty group exhibitions and is represented by Sabbia Gallery in Sydney and Beaver Galleries in Canberra. Her work is held in public…

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  • Ochre Ceramics

    Ochre Ceramics

    I believe we hold onto our most treasured possessions for life, they become the totems for our memories and milestones. A precious pair of gold hoops, gifted to us for our 30th birthday. A beautiful handmade ceramic vase passed down from our grandmother. It is so important to me that Ochre’s pieces nurture those same…

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  • Keramika


    “My work is inspired by my love of nature and the connection to the land, by a sense of place and a sense of just being. I love the exploration of my heritage and a sense of belonging.” Expressing a love of the natural world, Tali Cohen Flantz work is an endless exploration of texture,…

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  • Jenn Johnston Ceramics

    Jenn Johnston Ceramics

    I am a ceramist, living on Bundjalung Country, in Mullumbimby, NSW, Australia.I discovered my passion for clay after a career in health research and policy. I was hooked after the first class I took, and over the next few years worked hard to develop my skills, build my home studio, and establish relationships with wholesalers,…

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  • North Coast Ceramics

    North Coast Ceramics

    North Coast Ceramics (NCC) sustains a community of professional ceramic artists who live and work on the North Coast of New South Wales.NCC provides opportunities for Members to interact with the public and to exhibit their work during three main annual events. These are the popular Mud Trail (August) celebrating twelve years and the Pre-Xmas…

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  • Earthen Gems Ceramics

    Earthen Gems Ceramics

    Having grown up on Aotea (Great Barrier Island) of Aotearoa, I’ve wandered my way from NZ’s rolling hills to Australia’s coastal paradise in the Northern Rivers.After studying in a local school in Sydney I now have my own studio to create and share.Working with clay has taught me so much about myself, and life.Creating Earthen…

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  • Mullum Clayworkers

    Mullum Clayworkers

    Mullum Clayworkers are a community-based collective of 50 potters producing a diverse range of ceramic works from functional to sculptural. The Studio provides an open workspace for both individual and collaborative creation while the Gallery offers the opportunity to showcase and sell artworks to the public.Mullum Clayworkers Studio and Gallery aims to be a dynamic,…

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  • Happs Wine and Commonage Pottery

    Happs Wine and Commonage Pottery

    Founded in 1978, Happs and Commonage Pottery has a long and inspiring story as one of the pioneering, family-run wineries and pottteries in the Margaret River region.Our story begins with two local high school teachers, Erl and Ros Happ who fell in love in 1969. This young, passionate, adventurous couple had boundless enthusiasm and drive…

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  • Clay by Tina

    Clay by Tina

    I took up pottery in late 2014 and learned the craft from Julian Centofanti and the wonderful team at Carlton Arts Centre. The mindful act of creating something from nothing makes pottery one of those things that has captured my imagination fully. Combined with my enthusiasm for plants and colour, my ceramics offers an insight…

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  • Brooke Clunie

    Brooke Clunie

    Potter and Maker, Brooke Clunie can be found along with the hum of her wheel at Red Door Studio and Gallery, overlooking rolling hills and farmland in the Byron Bay hinterland. Thrown on the Potters wheel and individually decorated and glazed, Brooke’s ceramic vessels celebrate space, vitality and imagination. Choose from Brooke’s restful glazes and…

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  • Rhiannon Gill Ceramics

    Rhiannon Gill Ceramics

    My story is a pretty simple one. After falling in love with clay, I decided to give up my day job to pursue ceramics full-time.I am largely a self-taught ceramicist, practicing my craft in my workshop in Wollongong, situated on Dharawal land. Nestled between the mountains and the sea, this picturesque surrounding inspires my pottery.…

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  • Bec English Ceramics

    Bec English Ceramics

    Bec English started creating ceramics in June 2021 and quickly fell in love with the craft. Working from her studio in Red Hill Brisbane, Bec creates functional and decorative stoneware that is designed to add beauty to our daily lives. Our collection includes a broad range of products from earrings to vases, dinnerware and serveware.…

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  • Shut Up & Relax Ceramics

    Shut Up & Relax Ceramics

    “I don’t have time for this” was my first thought when diagnosed with breast cancer in 2014.Post breast cancer treatment, I had to figure out exactly what I did have time for. It certainly wasn’t my previous career. My brain seemed to have rewired itself and sought more creative pursuits instead. So, Shut Up &…

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  • Spiral Earth Pottery

    Spiral Earth Pottery

    These ceremonial ceramics are made with the intention of inviting presence. Through the curiosity and delight of playing with earth, water, fire, and air, the clay vessels alchemise into form for the functional use of presence practices, such as tea ceremony, cacao ceremony, and other medicinal rituals. The land on which these pieces are created…

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  • Dilkes-Hoffman Ceramics

    Dilkes-Hoffman Ceramics

    Beyond the hustle and bustle of Margaret River’s main street lies a gallery with country charm. Just ten minutes drive from town, in a beautiful bush setting, Dilkes-Hoffman Ceramics produces some of the most unique contemporary ceramics in the region.Operating since December 1991, Dilkes-Hoffman Ceramics is a family-run business focusing on the production of high…

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