Al Natural Oysters

Al Natural Oysters was established in 2020. A trip to one of our local oyster farmers gave us an experience we could never forget, a large amount of live oysters, full of brine, opened and enjoyed at our own leisure. Immediately we knew this simple, salty, and naturally beautiful delicacy was the thing we want to share with others.
We are blessed within Australia having some of the most balanced oyster profiles in the world. A natural occurrence, sustainably farmed, absolutely delicious, and positively geared with some of the best produce, our picture for success has been painted very clear.
Our procedures ensure a real oyster experience, opened as close to serving as possible is the key. The natural brine gives you a unique experience every time. Delivering flavours directly associated with the natural surroundings of that location. Brine is immensely important in facilitating the breakdown of heavy metals within. Served without their natural liquor, your oysters are not as nourishing as you might think. The answer, Always eat good oysters, Always eat Al Natural Oysters.