Australian Fashion

Australian fashion is a vibrant tapestry that reflects the country’s unique blend of laid-back lifestyle, love for the outdoors, and cosmopolitan flair. Known for its effortless elegance and innovative designs, Australian fashion has carved out a distinctive niche in the global arena. The industry is celebrated for its eclectic mix of casual beachwear and sophisticated urban styles, embodying the diverse and dynamic spirit of Australia’s culture.
Iconic brands like Billabong have captured the essence of the Australian surf culture, bringing the cool, carefree vibe of the waves to wardrobes around the world. Meanwhile, Baku, Seafolly has become synonymous with chic swimwear, showcasing bold patterns and designs that celebrate the exuberance of Australian summers. These brands, among others, have helped to put Australia on the map as a hub of fashion-forward thinking and design.
Australian fashion designers are lauded for their ethical production practices, use of sustainable materials, and commitment to eco-friendly processes, reflecting the country’s deep connection with nature. From the bustling fashion weeks in Sydney and Melbourne to the local boutiques that line the streets, Australian fashion continues to make its mark with a unique flavour that is both relaxed and refined, capturing the hearts of fashion enthusiasts worldwide.

  • Oshala Earthforms

    Oshala Earthforms

    Oshala was born in 2021 with a vision for beautiful earth conscious products, eco-friendly alternatives to body adornments & functional household items.A creative exploration of organic modern art that represents the earth and her forms, the art directly influenced by immediate surroundings and curated from nature itself.Oshala works with a range of textiles, plants, wild…

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  • Wool2Yarn


    At Wool2Yarn, we are proudly an Australian business specialising in natural fibres, especially Alpaca. We started this adventure as Alpaca farmers in the late 90’s and grew our herd to over 150 strong.We offer a truly local, Australian made product, grown and made on the Mornington Peninsula.We have taken our Farm to Yarn movement to…

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  • Baku Swimwear

    Baku Swimwear

    Baku was founded on the beaches of Sydney, through its original brand Bubbles Beach Co, in 1969. 1995 saw the introduction of the BAKU label and in 1999 the company changed hands to the next generation, brother and sister, Dax & Tamara Bykerk. The owners are also the design duo behind the BAKU brand, crafting…

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  • Cindy Poole

    Cindy Poole

    “I have created a diverse and unique body of work which has culminated from my desire to create glass forms inspired by the images that are constantly presented from my environment, relationships and experiences.The glass is my canvas through which I can bring some of my thoughts and visions into a visual form that can…

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  • Magpie Goose

    Magpie Goose

    Aboriginal-owned social enterprise. Contemporary Aboriginal art. Natural fibres. Hand screen-printed textiles. Ethically made in Australia.Proudly Aboriginal owned and led, Magpie Goose is where fashion and social impact comes together.We create unique and wearable garments designed to make a statement while generating economic opportunities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people through creative industries.Owned by Troy…

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  • Seljak Brand

    Seljak Brand

    We are two sisters who imagine a world without waste. We’re finding new ways of making and using beautiful things that are closed loop by design.Seljak Brand launched in March 2016 and has since worked to accelerate the transition towards a more circular economy. We work with a range of suppliers in Australia and Europe…

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  • Nobody Denim

    Nobody Denim

    We don’t make a lot of noise, but those who wear us, do.Born in 1999 in Melbourne, Australia, Nobody Denim has long been celebrated for making people feel more confident in their world and in themselves. Designed from the details up, we believe style is as much about the attitude as it is about the…

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  • Lucinda Babi

    Lucinda Babi

    Lucinda Babi is a label creating modern ethical clothing on a made-to-order basis, based in Melbourne/Naarm, Australia. I founded the label in 2018 after completing a Fashion Honours degree, and have been hand-crafting pieces from my Collingwood studio since then.Originally from the UK, but now settled in Australia, I fuse inspiration from historic British references…

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  • Lore Fabrics and Fashion

    Lore Fabrics and Fashion

    Shannon’s experience as an artist, designer and educator, with many years experience as a fashion designer and textile artist working across various art centres in Queensland means LORE’s products are truly one of a kind.Est. 2016 and manufactured respectfully on the lands of the Yuggera, Turrbal and Gimuy peoples, LORE is an original textiles concept…

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  • The Boy & I

    The Boy & I

    THE BOY&I is an Australian made and designed high-quality, contemporary fashion label. Mindfully made in small collections, encompassing sustainability throughout the entire process. Using only the highest quality natural fabrics ethically sourced from around the world. Feminine, Seasonless pieces, simplistically designed to take you from season to season. Now including Our Travels Collection. THE BOY&I…

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  • Isobel Badin

    Isobel Badin

    Isobel Badin is a celebration of the arts, nature and freedom. It’s a look into our inner artist and an expression of our most authentic selves.All pieces are designed and sustainably made in Australia from organic fabrications. Their first collection Flower Power celebrates the wild and the free. It’s a patch of daisies, roses in…

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  • Kangaroo Leather

    Kangaroo Leather

    Kangaroos are wild animals. They are not farmed but harvested in the wild from a large, self-replenishing population. As a result, no natural habitat is cleared for them. The harvest is strictly controlled by an Australian Government program that ensures no detrimental impact on the kangaroos or their ecosystems.Because human activity actually expands the areas…

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  • Aileen Greig

    Aileen Greig

    When I first left school, I wanted to train as an apprentice jeweller. When I was told ‘women don’t get apprenticed as jewellers, I went to Art College instead and studied Gold and Silversmithing. This was the start of my long love affair with metal, stones and enamel. Working from my studio on Queensland’s Sunshine…

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  • Karla Cola

    Karla Cola

    KarlaCola the label began when Karla (owner, director, founder and proud mother of 3) found out she was pregnant with her daughter and immediately felt the need to start making her clothes. And so her love of sewing and being creative with clothes began!In 2009, when Karla and her family of 5 moved back to…

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  • Flock Curiosity Assembly

    Flock Curiosity Assembly

    Flock Curiosity Assembly is the creative partnership of Sarah Byrne and Stacey Rutigliano formed in 2009. They are inspired by a mutual love of unusual and unconventional colour combinations in the form of edgy statement designs for everyday and every event wear.Flock Curiosity Assembly is a creative jewellery and homewares partnership based in Melbourne, Australia.We…

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  • FuMoso


    “FuMoso” is the Home of Thompson Clothing.The brand is designed, owned and managed by Gail Thompson.Gail has had over 30 years’ experience in the Australian fashion industry. The love of design led to the launch of ‘Thompson Clothing’ in 2002 which continues to hold its place in the Fashion Industry today.All designs are purely Gail’s…

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  • Luke Abbott Designs

    Luke Abbott Designs

    My work is an aesthetic form of biomimicry. Each creature evolved to inhabit the personal, intimate space that is reserved for jewellery. With details that are only revealed through mechanical transformation, I aim to unlock the childlike wonder I associate with the natural world.

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  • Lenko


    Lenko is the brand designed by Dana Lenko in Melbourne, Australia. The collection started when she was a teenager, drawing animals and weird things on t-shirts. The range grew to include whole collections of clothing. One year, during Fashion Week, a style fell through at the last moment. Dana quickly sewed a Llama sweater. It…

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  • Ellmabee


    Ellmabee is the Melbourne based label of artist, designer and maker Laura Brown. Combining a background in textile design with her penchant for jewellery making, Laura has established Ellmabee with a focus on jewellery featuring her original art.Laura works out of her home studio situated in the picturesque Dandenong Ranges. Here is where Laura’s distinctive…

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  • Australian Outback Opals

    Australian Outback Opals

    Australian Outback Opals showcases the exquisite beauty of Australia’s national gemstone on Queensland’s Tamborine Mountain. Sourced from all the major opal mining areas in outback Australia, we offer a wide range of Australian opals to suit all tastes. We have been involved in the Opal industry for over four decades, and we opened our retail…

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  • Budgy Smuggler

    Budgy Smuggler

    Budgy Smuggler is family owned and run by a few 20 something year olds (and a few guys who are now in their 30’s) who aspire to never have a traditional desk job.All budgy smugglers are 100% Australian made in our factory in Sydney with the best quality fabrics. We understand when it comes to…

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  • The Sewloist

    The Sewloist

    Hello! I’m Naomi Huntsman – the “soloist” behind The Sewloist. I spend much of my time mindfully making clothing + accessories in my sewing studio here in West End, Brisbane (Kurilpa, Meanjin).I design, pattern make, cut + sew all pieces to a high quality standard on my beloved industrial sewing machines.⁣ Both my home +…

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  • Kerry Shepherd

    Kerry Shepherd

    I’m an Australian textile artist, designer and natural dyer based in Lake Macquarie /Newcastle NSW.My background….I have worked professionally with colour and design as a consultant, designer, teacher, researcher and mentor for over 30 years. This has encompassed many facets including personal colour analysis, vibrational colour therapy and energy healing, colour psychology, interior design/environmental colour…

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  • Talkin Feet Studio

    Talkin Feet Studio

    Nestled in the Sunshine Coast, I spend my days immersed in the art of handcrafting shoes, bags, and earrings. From my cozy home workshop, I pour my heart into creating unique pieces that resonate with simplicity, practicality, and most importantly, personal style. My passion lies in crafting shoes that are more than just footwear—they’re statements…

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  • Wootten


    The idea of walking in a father’s footsteps is as old as the art of making shoes itself. It’s the idea on which Wootten is founded. Jess’s dad, Ross Wootten, began making bespoke footwear in the early 1970s in South Australia under the tutelage of Bulgarian Master Craftsman and internationally renowned shoemaker, George Koleff.His son,…

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  • Smitten Merino

    Smitten Merino

    Smitten Merino is a family business born in Hobart in 2007.Husband and wife team Nicola and Carl had a dream to design lightweight merino wool clothing that was stylish, comfortable and practical, and get it manufactured right here in Tasmania. We had recently moved from WA and loved the climate, the people, the whole island,…

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  • Kingston Jewellery

    Kingston Jewellery

    Kingston Jewellery is a handmade, hand-painted jewellery brand designed by me, Jemima Kingston in Victoria, Australia.I always wanted to be a jewellery designer when I was younger but it wasn’t until 5 years ago that I first began designing jewellery for myself whilst working as a graphic designer. It soon became very popular amongst my…

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  • The Woollen Earth

    The Woollen Earth

    I am Sally and I am the crazy wool lady!I have always been a creative person, sewing, painting, designing, usually on a large scale. I made couture wedding dresses by hand for 15 years. And then a few years ago I found wool. Wool in its rawest, chunkiest form and instantly fell in love.However sourcing…

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  • Olivia Raymond Designs

    Olivia Raymond Designs

    Hi, I’m Olivia, designer and director of Olivia Raymond Designs.My creative journey began when I discovered my passion for working with glass after learning glass blowing twelve years ago. I love the way that colour and beauty is formed, almost instantaneously, through heat…this is what really appealed to me about glass as a material to…

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  • Natures Socks Australia

    Natures Socks Australia

    Manufactured in Australia. Natures Socks Australia is a family own company.Merino wool is a natural fibre grown by Merino sheep. Our merino wool is 100% Australian sourced and processed. Knitted in Victoria and New South Wales from fine merino sock yarn sourced in New South Wales, these socks are super warm and comfortable.Alpaca fibre is…

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  • Ink and Spindle

    Ink and Spindle

    Since Ink & Spindle was founded in 2008, a desire to produce textiles in a low impact manner has formed the foundation of our every business decision. To bring any product into the world comes with the responsibility to make a positive impact, and in our case provide an opportunity for our customers to make…

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  • Funky Fun You

    Funky Fun You

    FunkyFunYou is a handmade earring brand, but it is also so much more. FunkyFunYou creates not only jewellery, but a way of thinking and living. Funky living is playful, crafty and sparks creativity. It’s a lifestyle that champions difference, and supports individuality.Each FunkyFunYou product possesses a tiny fantasy world of its own, carrying a meaning…

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  • Lumi Clothing

    Lumi Clothing

    Lumi Clothing was born from a desire to create beautiful, timeless pieces using sustainable textiles to slow the negative impact of the fashion industry.Since 2006 Lumi’s head designer, Maryna, has been a prominent figure in the Melbourne Fashion Industry. Running boutiques that housed both independent and local designers along with her own first label, Preap…

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  • Irina Nazarova

    Irina Nazarova

    Hello, My name is Irina Nazarova, I am an artist and jewellery maker working from my lovely home studio in Adelaide. My art, both jewellery and paintings, is a response to the plethora of beauty existent in our gardens and natural environment that many may take for granted.Explore this site for works in the medium…

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  • Pendragon


    Pendragon is the designer shoemaking duo Jackie Orme Ward and Adrian Lockwood.Since establishing the label in 1987, Pendragon has been on a journey to create something extraordinary and unique; a quest to bring to life shoes you’d dreamt you might one day find; shoes to desire and delight… to treasure… We accept commissions from around…

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  • Indelible Designs

    Indelible Designs

    Indelible designs create bold and dreamy functional ceramic pieces. Each piece is made slowly and thoughtfully by artist Kirby Sens in Melbourne, Victoria.Indelible means to making lasting marks or memories. This concept is echoed through each piece, with evidence of finger pressure and the makers hand these playful ceramic pieces are all unique.Each piece is…

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  • The Australian Alpaca Barn

    The Australian Alpaca Barn

    The Australian Alpaca Barn has stores located in the Blue Mountains at Leura, Hunter Valley in Pokolbin at Hunter Valley Gardens & Peppers Creek Village, the historic township of Morpeth, and Berrima in the Southern Highlands. Come in and savour the quality of alpaca coats, sweaters, shawls, scarves, gloves, beanies, socks, throw rugs, quilts, bedding,…

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  • Kangaroo Island Wool

    Kangaroo Island Wool

    Kangaroo Island Wool exists to build on the long history of wool growing on this Island. As professional woolgrowers our simple philosophy is that looking after our sheep will ensure they look after us. And because we really love what we do, you can be sure that our sheep will be as happy growing their…

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  • Lara Stone The Label

    Lara Stone The Label

    Lara Stone’s garments started in 2016 on the beautiful Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia. The Sunshine Coast is known for it’s beautiful beaches and hinterland which are a constant inspiration to Lara as a designer.Lara works with a small group of people who are passionate about a sustainable future in the fashion industry. Following the…

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  • Chalk n Cheese

    Chalk n Cheese

    For me it was in 1995, when Chalk n Cheese was a thought, a dream I had whilst living in the UK designing for the high street brands. Whilst I knew I had to come home and do something with my degree the thought of travelling was far better.After returning to Australia I started working…

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  • Waverley Mills

    Waverley Mills

    For 150 years, we have been crafting Australia’s finest textiles at our historic weaving mill situated on the idyllic banks of Distillery Creek in Launceston. We are the last mill of our kind in Australia and are proud to spin, weave and finish each blanket, throw and scarf here onsite in Tasmania.In 1874, Scotsman Peter…

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  • High Tea with Mrs Woo

    High Tea with Mrs Woo

    High Tea with Mrs Woo is the creative collaboration of sisters – Rowena, Juliana and Angela Foong. Established in 2004, their distinctive designs bridge the space between fashion and clothing, art and craft.Fascinated with the memory of clothing, High Tea with Mrs Woo explores the ability of fashion to unfold a great yarn. They describe…

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  • Claire Ritchie

    Claire Ritchie

    Claire Ritchie designs and produces a selection of print-focused artwork, accessories, clothing, stationery and home wares. Made-to-order in her Brisbane home studio and brought to life through her colourful and bold print designs. Claire Ritchie products are as Aussie as can be. Textile goods like Kitchen Towels, Wall Hangings and Pillows are cut, sewn and…

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  • Dresden


    Our mission is pretty lofty – We want to democratise glasses. By 2050, there’ll be more than five billion people globally who can’t see clearly without them. We all need glasses to learn, work and play. So why are they so expensive and fragile, and why the huge impact on our planet? Why’s it gotta…

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  • AIC Ugg Australian Sheepskin

    AIC Ugg Australian Sheepskin

    AIC Sheepskin Footwear are manufacturers of boots and sheepskin products made from 100% genuine Australian Sheepskin.We started our humble family business back in year 2000 in the Northern suburbs of Melbourne. Our family owned and business manufacturing uses high-quality sheepskin footwear made from first grade double faced Australian Sheepskin. Known as UGG boots our range…

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  • Blanket Matters

    Blanket Matters

    Blanket matters was born out of a love of the past. I wanted to bring that love of the past and those happy days to the future. Those happy days when I curled up on a winter’s day in a cozy blanket on a visit to Grandma’s house, with a warm cup of cocoa. Why…

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  • Jane Finch Jewellery

    Jane Finch Jewellery

    Jane Finch was born out of Jeweller Steph’s personal love for collecting jewellery and the sentiments we hold behind a piece. The journey for JF began back in 2015, although under a different name, the concept for me was much the same – to give myself the space to be creative and work with my…

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  • Kumo


    Kumo is an independent women’s clothing label established by Jen Deery in 2015. Our ranges feature original, edgy styles, with a minimalist aesthetic. Kumo’s small run collections are designed and made in Melbourne, with an emphasis on sustainability and minimising waste.

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  • Flowature


    Hey, my name is Mazana Abraham and I am a Brisbane based artist and designer, specialising in colourful resin creations.I never imagined that my love for art and being an artist would lead to becoming a jewellery designer. But after seeing the power of colour and how people react to it, I knew I wanted…

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  • Wendy Voon Knits

    Wendy Voon Knits

    Wendy Voon knitwear combines contemporary design with elegant forms, sensuous textures and the finest yarns. Each piece is soft, luxurious and highly wearable.Wendy Voon is the owner and designer of WENDY VOON, a Melbourne-based, Australian contemporary knitwear label, established in 2005.Wendy works on domestic knitting machines and with a local Melbourne knitting mill.‘Sculptural’ and ‘architectural’…

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  • Quirky Su

    Quirky Su

    We are a Mum and Daughter team who got sucked deep into the sewing world a few years ago. Both of us wanted to create something that was beautiful and unique. The difference was we wanted to use materials that were already available, already loved , and woollen blankets and up cycled vintage and dead…

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  • Francie


    After years in the fashion & textile industry in Australia and Japan, Francie was born from a desire for luxurious knitwear that is also low impact. Beautiful design that happens to be transparent, sustainable, and ethical.Founded in Melbourne, and now based in Auckland, Francie knits are a celebration of our local industry on both sides…

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  • Payet Gallery

    Payet Gallery

    The Payet family grew up in Beau Vallon – a small village on the island of Mahe in Seychelles. Their childhood was one of poverty, juxtaposed against the beauty of the island paradise. In the early 1970s they immigrated to Melbourne, residing in inner city Richmond. Here the boys gained a love for AFL –…

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  • By Blu

    By Blu

    By Blu, created in 2019 to showcase the creations of Patti Blucher, a self-taught, intuitive and natural creator based on the stunning Kangaroo Island in South Australia. Patti has been a ‘maker’ of sorts her entire life and now brings her organic aesthetic and love of small treasures to By Blu with a series of…

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  • Pip Keane Design

    Pip Keane Design

    Pip Keane Design is a Sydney based jewellery studio run by Pip Keane.I studied at the Canberra School of Art, Australian National University, where I graduated with a Bachelors degree in Visual Arts majoring in silversmithing. I apply these silversmithing techniques to making jewellery today.I’ve had a jewellery studio, manufacturing and designing jewellery and hollow-ware…

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  • Coral Covey

    Coral Covey

    Coral Covey jewellery is designed, created and finish by hand with care and attention, to ensure only high quality, perfectly finished jewellery bears the Coral Covey maker’s mark. Laura Deakin is the sole designer and maker of Coral Covey bespoke jewellery. Her practice is grounded in all ethical facets of jewellery making. From concept to…

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  • Pechey Sandals

    Pechey Sandals

    Hand made by Gillian Pechey at her workshop just 10 minutes from picturesque Maleny, on the Sunshine Coast hinterland in Queensland, Pechey Sandals are made for walking. They are adjustable, and after a short breaking-in time, become very comfortable and they last for years.Gillian’s sandals are made from hand-selected leather sourced locally from Packers’ Tannery…

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  • Full Circle Fibres

    Full Circle Fibres

    Full Circle Fibres is all about respecting the source, treading gently and creating ethical, transparent fibre & textile supply chains. We work with dedicated businesses at all stages of the supply chain to build a strong circular economy. We develop our own fibres and fabrics! We offer and supply high quality yarn and material with…

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  • Anja Jagsch Art Jewellery

    Anja Jagsch Art Jewellery

    With these pieces of jewellery I share my passion for nature – they have been thoughtfully collected in my garden and my time spent in the wild.I studied nutrition (Oekotrophologie/Bachelor) in Germany and completed the Bachelor of visual arts and applied design here in Australia in 2009. Still passionate about both, in a way I…

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  • Le Petit Bouton

    Le Petit Bouton

    Le Petit Bouton is an Australian headwear and accessories label, designed and handmade in our Geelong, Victoria, Australia studio.Inspired by my own babe and the beauty that surrounds us, we create original handmade fashion, prints and designs with a strong focus on quality, comfort and sustainability. From top knot headbands to the sweetest bows, clips,…

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  • Retrobub


    Retrobub is made in Melbourne by designer Bronwyn Howell . With the guiding ideas of fun and practicality each garment in the range is designed to bring a smile to your face. Cute little animal faces, avocados and gumnuts are some of the designs that start as drawings and then are translated into a fabric…

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  • Baaby


    Since the conception of Baaby in 2015 PEOPLE & PLANET have always been at the core of our decision making. We aim to produce beautiful garments that will remain in your wardrobe for a lifetime, not a season. We carefully select each fabric for its sustainable qualities and we consider the whole lifecycle of the…

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  • inSync Design

    inSync Design

    HELLO, I’M IRIS.I’m not your ordinary jeweller—I wear many hats and love to carve my own path. Simply put, I’m a jeweller who finds inspiration through my drawings.The inception of inSync design was born out of my own desire as a consumer. I was on the hunt for jewellery that was truly unusual pieces that…

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  • E.B Illustration

    E.B Illustration

    E.B Illustration has always loved to draw. With a history in portraiture, fine art, graphic design, installation and conceptual art, her journey has led her around the world, and to her current deep dive into fabric design.Influenced by the natural world directly around her, E.B creates fun, original, vibrant and unique hand drawn and digitally…

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  • Finki Handmade

    Finki Handmade

    Our business began in 2009 as a small independent label that made clothing and jewellery. We primarily sold at markets and collective spaces, before we took on a fantastic shop space on Sydney Rd, Brunswick. After working in Brunswick for many years, we moved the shop to Northcote in 2019 so we could be closer…

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  • Otto & Spike

    Otto & Spike

    At Otto and Spike we admire well made, well-designed knitwear, that you’ll love to wear on your head, around your neck and out on the town. Using beautiful Australian Extra Fine Merino & pure Lambs wool.Otto and Spike is as much about a place as a product. We have been knitting in Brunswick (an inner…

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  • Mongrel Socks

    Mongrel Socks

    Mongrel Socks is a Tasmanian owned and operated family business, established in Hobart in the year 2000. In 2019 we purchased the business from Laurie and Helen Timms and then began a new era for Mongrel Socks. With our unique range of beautiful woollen socks, knitted right here in Tasmania by our sock knitter (Paul),…

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  • Denz and Co

    Denz and Co

    We are a small design studio nestled on the beautiful Sunshine Coast, where creativity and sunshine blend seamlessly. At our heart, we are passionate about crafting unique, eye-catching earrings that bring joy and style to your everyday life.With our fingers on the pulse of fashion and a love for all things whimsical, we continuously create…

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  • Ebony Bolts

    Ebony Bolts

    All our clothing is Bold – Size Inclusive – Customisable – Original PatternDesigned, Printed and made in Melbourne Australia.Ebony Bolts is on a mission to offer viable and more accessible slow fashion alternatives for the people who are often overlooked or who don’t see themselves in the current market. Don’t worry my friend because we…

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  • Comfy Tails

    Comfy Tails

    Comfy Tails was created in 2019 by mother daughter duo, Donna and Alice, to be something that would make simple dog accessories fun!When looking for a bed for their pup Lulu, they noticed they were either brown, really expensive, flat and in most cases: all three. That’s when they decided to create a product range…

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  • Frske


    Founded by Adriana Frescura, Frske draws upon Japanese minimalism and French casual chic to fashion beautifully detailed, trans-seasonal womenswear.We work exclusively with premium, natural fibre fabrics, and apply our signature hemline lengths, longer sleeves and flattering fit to every dress, every top and every pant we create.Committed to ethical, sustainable and transparent practice, each garment…

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  • Pink Oasis

    Pink Oasis

    Discover the magic of PinkOasis, where vibrant colours and playful designs come together to create unique wearable arts.Behind this brand is the husband-and-wife duo, Felicity and Allen. With a passion for nature, people, and colours, they use traditional and digital illustration techniques to craft imaginative textile prints. Indulge in the beauty of handcrafted bags, small…

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  • Relaxmade


    I believe in finding the good. I believe in doing what we can with what we have. And I believe we each can make a difference, while having a bit of fun.Re/lax Remade represents all of that. It is fun while being responsible. It is fashion while being one-of-a-kind. It is style that supports a…

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  • Simetrie


    We balance the human desire for style with our impact on the earth.We do this from our Brunswick based atelier, through our educational leather craft workshops & the beautiful products we handcraft for sale. We aim to empower people through the power of connection, craft and creativity.At simétrie, we create natural leather goods that are…

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  • Evyie


    Our aim with evyie is to re-imagine the 21st century work uniform by creating beautiful clothes, handmade from fine fabrics and a contemporary aesthetic. We’re all about thoughtful design, quality craftsmanship and sustainable practices. Entirely designed and constructed in our Sydney studio, at the core of each garment exists a philosophy of simplicity in design.For…

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  • Peak Oil Company

    Peak Oil Company

    I’m creating outdoor clothing and equipment in a home studio in Eldorado, Australia. My products use natural materials like hemp, cotton, silk, wool, leather, fur, beeswax, gum turpentine and linseed oil and avoid plastics, toxic chemicals, harmful dyes, and industrial processes. I’m revisiting old materials and methods and using them in new ways to create…

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  • Saddler & Co

    Saddler & Co

    SADDLER & CO is an Australian brand synonymous with fine leather craftsmanship. Each design embodies an aesthetic of simplicity and practicality, while integrity is an essential part of each product formation. Saddler & Co leather goods are designed and made in Australia, released in small batch collections.Founded in 2010 by saddler and creative duo, Bede…

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  • Sylvia Riley Design

    Sylvia Riley Design

    ‘We start with white fabric…’Sylvia Riley Designs started with a desire to make beautiful and elegant clothing using hand dyed fabric, sustainably.Sylvia Riley is a master dyer and painter, specialising in resist dyeing techniques (Shibori, batik, silk painting), mordant printing and natural dyeing. A few years ago, faced with a growing pile of hand dyed…

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  • Dot & Herbey

    Dot & Herbey

    The Dot & Herbey Boutique is an Australian owned and manufactured label. Our pieces are limited and hand crafted, ethically sort and manufactured here in Melbourne from luxurious and unique Japanese and European fabrics.When you purchase an item from Dot & Herbey you are purchasing something that will stand the test of time.

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  • Julie Frahm

    Julie Frahm

    I have been making glass beads from recycled glass objects since 2009. It all started when my daughter was born, and that was around the time of the Global Financial Crisis. In Australia our government was handing out money to try to stimulate our economy, and it was likened to the Great Depression. Well, that…

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  • Mim Found Ena

    Mim Found Ena

    Mim Found Ena is an independent design studio. A collaboration of Melbourne made labels – MiM, Ena Designs & Found Textiles. You can see us making our clothes in store and view our wide-range of handmade, handpicked accessories, jewellery, ceramics, artworks & homewares. We provide a range of products that reflect the environmentally conscious values…

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  • Manuela Igreja

    Manuela Igreja

    Manuela Igreja is a Melbourne based jeweller. After moving to Australia from Portugal, she began to explore the diverse landscapes and fell in love with the local flora and fauna. With a background in mathematics and origami, it seemed a natural progression to explore the geometry and textures that surround us in her organic jewellery…

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  • Lillydale Candle Co

    Lillydale Candle Co

    Nostalgic scented candles to make your house feel like home. Based in Lilydale, gateway to the Yarra Valley, we hand pour our candles in small batches to give you the best candle possible.Our candles are a sensory experience, inspired by our home and the Yarra Valley region. From the warm and scrumptious Freshly Baked Vanilla…

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  • Zipei


    Founded in 2019, ZIPEI’s narrative started from “Home”, where the majority of the time was spent in her home studio due to the Covid lockdown. The design poetically interprets fragments of everyday life: a corner of a rustic concrete wall, a breeze through translucent blinds, the touch of soft bed sheets… These unnoticed moments of…

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  • John Miller Design

    John Miller Design

    John Miller Design is an iconic Australian artisan jewellery workshop renowned for creating bespoke wedding rings, unique engagement rings and wearable pieces of art. Here at John Miller Design we use only genuine sapphires and rubies and ‘conflict free’ lab certified diamonds. Our work is original, with quality craftsmanship, and is unconditionally guaranteed. John Miller…

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  • Tilda Cole

    Tilda Cole

    Tilda Cole is a Naarm / Melbourne based artist and jewellery designer. Upon creating her namesake brand Tilda in 2016 she has since completed her BA in Fine Art exploring sculptural practices instilled in her by her father who worked as a bronze sculptor.In addition to her namesake label Tilda has worked as an antique…

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  • Honest Studios

    Honest Studios

    Honest Studio’s garments are all made in house. We source the fabric from high-end fashion houses selling their surplus or vintage cloth. Our use of excess fabrics means each collection is sustainable and limited, but that is what makes each piece so special.With comfort at the forefront of our designs, our simple cuts suit all…

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  • Sanct


    Sanct was always going to be a values led brand. I wrote out the values it would encompass before I even had a name or knew what kind of clothing I would produce.For years I struggled with the idea of starting a clothing brand, the industry didn’t need ‘more things’. But after my time in…

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  • Kitty Came Home

    Kitty Came Home

    One day in 2004 Katrina lost her purse amongst the delightful fresh food of the Adelaide Central Markets. She searched high and low for a new purse that was pretty, functional, and utterly individual (rather than mass produced). Ultimately, she made one herself, hand sewn, from her nanna Connie’s vintage fabric and some clear PVC,…

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  • Virginia Burrow Design

    Virginia Burrow Design

    Unique knitwear designs and handcrafted accessories. Many of my designs are based on pen and paper drawings which have been digitally edited and transformed into a format able to be read by my vintage (1980s) domestic knitting machine. I use a combination of locally sourced fine Australian merino wool and imported yarns to create modern…

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  • Houndsome


    Houndsome was born from the belief that our best friends deserve the finer things in life. Our range of thoughtfully designed and crafted pieces is made here in Australia by a collective of local artisans and makers. You won’t find any mass-produced imports. Houndsome is all about distinctive pieces for distinctive dogs.We also understand dog…

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  • Shabana Jacobson

    Shabana Jacobson

    Contemporary Jeweller Shabana Jacobson has been making beautiful one-off pieces of jewellery for the last 20 years. She has 3 stores across Melbourne that showcase all her jewellery work as well as her other brands and design work such as her ceramics, skincare label, baby/home and lifestyle ranges.All production pieces are lovingly handmade in Melbourne…

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  • Merino Country

    Merino Country

    AUSTRALIAN OWNED, GROWN & MADE – SUSTAINABLE & ETHICALWe are an Australian family owned business and have made a conscious decision to keep our production and manufacturing in Australia to support local jobs and industry and to have better control over our quality. It might cost a bit more to produce our Merino wool clothing…

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  • Tara Whalley

    Tara Whalley

    Tara Whalley established her self-titled fashion brand in 2015, after returning to Australia after a year of working with war-affected Mayan weavers. It was this time in Guatemala that formed Tara’s painting practice- translating experience into artwork for fabric print and a clear direction for the basis of her fashion signature style. Her collections are…

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  • Saul Swags

    Saul Swags

    Saul Swags is proudly owned and operated by Craig Vine from his home in Tawonga, Victoria – a small town at the base of Mount Bogong in North East Victoria.Saul Swags was originally started in Tawonga in 1975 by the business’ namesake, Hal Saul. Hal got his start in the textile industry as a leather…

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  • Clive Street

    Clive Street

    Clive Street, named after my father, Robert Clive Curtis, has always been a personal journey. Once born from a love of sewing, has now turned into a passionate interest in sustainable and ethically produced bags and accessories. I am completely self-taught, and am proud of the fact that I can now create stylish, beautiful, and…

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  • Ugg Boots Made in Australia

    Ugg Boots Made in Australia

    For the finest ‘Ugg Boots’ and top-quality ‘Australian Uggs,’ look no further. Our commitment to delivering the same exceptional qualities that made the original Australian Sheepskin Boot a worldwide sensation known for unmatched quality and comfort. That’s why we ensure that every pair of Uggs we offer is crafted from the finest 100% Australian Merino…

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  • and O Design

    and O Design

    Since 2009, from a home ceramics studio in the northern suburbs of Melbourne, Japanese artist Yumi Ando has hand-crafted intricately decorated lustre necklaces and earrings, curious bunny broaches, miniature plant hangers, faceted geometric forms and more. Inspired by the natural world and industrial forms, whilst also drawing on her Japanese heritage, each piece comes to…

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  • Morris Outside

    Morris Outside

    Morris Outside is known by many a Farmer, Gardener or Trades person for manufacturing high quality added protective wear, such as our popular Boot Guard, specialised Gardening glove or Kangaroo Leather High Performance Gloves.We pride ourselves where possible to make or source materials here in Australia. Our Kangaroo leather is sourced from a 5 Generation…

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  • Harriet Jane

    Harriet Jane

    I grew up on a beautiful coastal Tasmanian farm and moved to Byron Bay 25 years ago. A decade was spent curating a store in Byron, using some local production, supporting other local designers and manufacturing in Bali. After taking a break I had new inspiration, to combine my love of nature, photography and fashion.The…

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