Australian Art and Culture

Australian art is a rich and diverse tapestry, woven from the threads of its Western and Indigenous heritage. This blend creates a visual language that is distinctly Australian, offering a narrative that is as complex as it is captivating. The country’s Western art tradition, influenced by European settlers, brings a perspective that has evolved over time, reflecting Australia’s unique landscapes and light. It ranges from the Heidelberg School’s 19th-century impressionist works to contemporary movements that challenge and reinterpret global art trends.
Indigenous Australian art, one of the oldest continuous art traditions in the world, tells the stories of the Dreamtime, with its intricate dot paintings, vibrant earthy colours, and spiritual motifs. This art form is not just a visual experience but a living, breathing connection to the land and its ancestral heritage.
The interplay between these two art forms has given rise to a unique flavour of Australian art that is both wonderful and breathtaking. Contemporary Australian artists often draw inspiration from Indigenous techniques and narratives, infusing their work with a sense of place and identity that is inextricably linked to the Australian continent. This fusion has led to a dynamic and innovative art scene that commands attention on the global stage, celebrating Australia’s cultural diversity and its rich artistic legacy.

  • Fika Faru

    Fika Faru

    One of a kind Ceramics. Handmade on the Gold Coast by Emily Glover. Fika – A Swedish word meaning Coffee Break.Faru – The Old English word for Journey. Fika Faru is a small Handmade Ceramics business with a purpose to inspire the pursuit of Self kindness and Love through little conscious moments of Self care…

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  • E.B Illustration

    E.B Illustration

    E.B Illustration has always loved to draw. With a history in portraiture, fine art, graphic design, installation and conceptual art, her journey has led her around the world, and to her current deep dive into fabric design.Influenced by the natural world directly around her, E.B creates fun, original, vibrant and unique hand drawn and digitally…

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  • Julie Frahm

    Julie Frahm

    I have been making glass beads from recycled glass objects since 2009. It all started when my daughter was born, and that was around the time of the Global Financial Crisis. In Australia our government was handing out money to try to stimulate our economy, and it was likened to the Great Depression. Well, that…

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  • Bits of Australia

    Bits of Australia

    We think Australia is a pretty special place. Bold, colourful and full of creativity! There’s a lot to celebrate. A lot of great stories to share! So, that’s why we’ve created a one-stop online store where you can find all the very best Australian Made gifts and souvenirs sourced from all across the country.It might…

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  • Injalak Arts Centre

    Injalak Arts Centre

    As an Aboriginal owned organisation with the community at its heart, we strive to deliver positive social, economic and cultural outcomes for all involved.Injalak Arts has been a centre for art, craft and community since it’s opening in 1989. We are based in Gunbalanya, an Aboriginal community of 1200 in West Arnhem Land at the…

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  • Out the Back Tasmania

    Out the Back Tasmania

    Out The Back is a small Tasmanian owned woodcraft business offering natural, creative and functional pieces for everyday living. Timber platters perfect for salads, events and family dinners, boards for everyday use or a cheese and wine platter, wooden stirrers and spoons with more uses than we can count and a unique range of items…

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  • Design Island

    Design Island

    Design Island was officially launched in 2005 by Arts Tasmania as a triennial program aimed at raising the profile of the Tasmanian design sector. The program combined an annual showcase, artist talks, workshops and public forum. It was (and arguably still is) one of the most important programs aimed at increasing the profile, skills and…

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  • Ngarga Warendj – Dancing Wombat

    Ngarga Warendj – Dancing Wombat

    For Mick, ‘art is a rainbow of many things’ and his own practice demonstrates this openness to innovative design. His company, Ngarga Warendj –Dancing Wombat, is known for high-quality products that are produced by hand or through ethical licensing agreements. His sculpture commissions have been highly sought by a wide range of clients.Mick is also…

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  • Sandy McLean – Artist

    Sandy McLean – Artist

    Internationally celebrated artist Sandy McLean The Outback Artist, brings to life the beauty and splendour of the Australian outback with her unique use of bright and bold colours…reflected in her paintings and products.Each Sandy McLean legging, tote and duffel bags has a story, showing Sandy’s connection to and love of the outback following a lifetime…

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  • Huddle & Co

    Huddle & Co

    Custom furniture is what we do. We work alongside our customers, listening to their ideas and understanding their spaces, to create timeless timber pieces for homes and workplaces. Because we make everything by hand in our workshop, each decision is one that can be carefully made and discussed together. From materials, to style, to size,…

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  • Girringun Art Centre

    Girringun Art Centre

    Established in 2008, the Girringun Art Centre is home to multi-award winning artists and craftsmen. Located in Cardwell, Queensland, Girringun represents artists from nine Traditional Owner Groups: the Nywaigi, Gugu Badhan, Warrgamay, Warungnu, Bandjin, Girramay, Gulngay, Jirrbal and Djiru people.The traditional country of these groups covers some 25,000 square kilometres of country in the state’s…

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  • Dreamtime Artistry

    Dreamtime Artistry

    “Creating a space where the Indigenous Arts of all types can be shown to the world”Dreamtime Artistry is a newly established supplier of Indigenous art with the backing of over 30 years of experience in the industry.Our mission is to provide authentic Indigenous products sourced from as many local producers and artists as possible, stringently…

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  • Pili Pala

    Pili Pala

    Pili Pala has grown into a thriving small business with a desire to design and create products that are unique, distinct and make you smile. Whilst utilising self-taught production techniques, we incorporate sustainable Tasmanian wood, resin and either our own paintings or vintage paintings.Pili Pala started as a hobby for Helen in 2009 when she…

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  • Kakadu Plum Co

    Kakadu Plum Co

    Indigenous Homewares, Native Foods, and Wellness ProductsWe collaborate with Indigenous businesses, enterprises and range products sourced directly from art centres, artists or manufacturers that pay fair royalties. The extensive range includes art, craft, homewares, native foods, beauty and wellness, books, and jewellery. With such a large range we can provide beautiful tailored solutions for:Corporate GiftsStaff…

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  • Gordon Studio Glassblowers

    Gordon Studio Glassblowers

    As one of the most internationally celebrated Art Glass families in Australia, the Gordon Studio Glassblowers presents years of practice, infinite patience, and unique work to the world of Art Glass. Consisting of 7 members across 3 generations, this family of engravers and glassblowers prove that glass has a continued importance within the modern canvas…

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  • Cuddles Koalas

    Cuddles Koalas

    We are a small family operation making traditional Kangaroo Fur Souvenirs and Koalas. Cuddles Koalas has been our family business for over 30 years and at one time we employed quite a few people. Now the two of us make our items as a hobby selling mainly by mail order. and we do occasionally have…

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  • Christie’s Tradition in Timber

    Christie’s Tradition in Timber

    At Christie’s Traditions in Timber, the rich traditions of working with timber are brought to life through the craftsmanship of woodworker and turner Jill, and her husband Dominic, who plays a crucial role in meticulously preparing timber slabs for general sale and various projects. Our aim is to offer quality timber-based kitchenware and homewares direct…

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  • Belinism


    I’m a mud monkey and eternal doodler, living in a mountain top village in Queensland, Australia. I’m also a daydreamer with a passion for increasing world joyfulness in my own little creatively handmade way.I make work that evokes happiness. I create smiles from blocks of clay. I wedge, wheel throw, build, paint, carve and glaze…

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  • Welcome to Country

    Welcome to Country

    Welcome to Country is a not-for-profit organisation whose purpose is to address employment and economic development outcomes in the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities. As a not for profit driven by our purpose, everything we do is focused on delivering direct outcomes to Aboriginal and Torres Strait people and communities.“We do not have shareholders…

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  • Many Hands Art Centre

    Many Hands Art Centre

    Iltja Ntjarra / Many Hands Art Centre is proudly Aboriginal owned and directed. It is the home of the Namatjira watercolour artists. The Art Centre was established by Ngurratjuta/Pmara Ntjarra Aboriginal Corporation and started operating in 2004, as a not-for-profit Art Centre to provide a place for Arrernte Artists to come together to paint, share…

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  • Virginia Burrow Design

    Virginia Burrow Design

    Unique knitwear designs and handcrafted accessories. Many of my designs are based on pen and paper drawings which have been digitally edited and transformed into a format able to be read by my vintage (1980s) domestic knitting machine. I use a combination of locally sourced fine Australian merino wool and imported yarns to create modern…

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  • e360 Design

    e360 Design

    e360 Design is a comprehensive interior design studio and gallery offering a 100% Australian made range of original artwork, soft furnishings and furniture, established by Tamborine Mountain designer Jen Robson. e360 Design offers an abundant range of premium quality homewares, whilst also offering bespoke services in art, textile design, upholstery, wallpaper and original and upcycled…

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  • Jules McCrae (The Blacksmith Atelier)

    Jules McCrae (The Blacksmith Atelier)

    Metalwork, Sculptor, Wearable ArtArtistic metalsmith Jules McCrae loves engaging with her clients to create unique, personal items. The satisfaction of creating a private commission (big or small) and seeing it in its forever home is a reward in itself. Her works range from delicate jewellery, gates, furniture and larger sculptures.

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  • Amber Simpson

    Amber Simpson

    “There is something warm and honest about the nature of timber”Amber’s love of timber began when she was a child. Growing up in the Southern Highlands of NSW on a property bordered by bushland, nature was her playground. Born to a woodworker the memories of her father’s workshop transcend time, and the same spicy scent…

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  • Dunstone Design

    Dunstone Design

    Dunstone Design crafts contemporary Studio Furniture from the finest Australian and international timbers and materials. Our makers and designers are professionals who have chosen the long path of craftsmanship; the hand of the maker is evident in all our work.Dunstone Design has become a cornerstone of the Studio Furniture movement in Australia. The makers at…

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  • Claire Ritchie

    Claire Ritchie

    Claire Ritchie designs and produces a selection of print-focused artwork, accessories, clothing, stationery and home wares. Made-to-order in her Brisbane home studio and brought to life through her colourful and bold print designs. Claire Ritchie products are as Aussie as can be. Textile goods like Kitchen Towels, Wall Hangings and Pillows are cut, sewn and…

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  • Ink and Spindle

    Ink and Spindle

    Since Ink & Spindle was founded in 2008, a desire to produce textiles in a low impact manner has formed the foundation of our every business decision. To bring any product into the world comes with the responsibility to make a positive impact, and in our case provide an opportunity for our customers to make…

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  • Tambo Teddies

    Tambo Teddies

    Created in Outback Queensland, Tambo Teddies are tenderly crafted from 100% woollen sheepskin, truly an Australian hand-made product. These very appealing, friendly teddy bears come in different styles. There are two teddy families, the Basils and the Tobies; basils are a traditional teddy bear style and the tobies have a chubby physique and come as…

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  • Between the Hills

    Between the Hills

    Jillian Peate is a local Northern Rivers artist based in Kingscliff, NSW. Under the name Between The Hills, she works primarily with ceramics, often combining this with floral design, painting and drawing.Jillian graduated from Sydney’s College Of Fine Arts in 2012 with studio majors in painting and drawing. In 2018, after returning home to the…

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  • Deep Blue Creative

    Deep Blue Creative

    Deep Blue Creative is based on the Tweed Coast of Northern New South Wales. The beauty of our coastal environment provides constant inspiration and features heavily in the design choices we make in our work.All our ceramics are handmade and hand painted. We use quality materials and food safe finishes so they can be used…

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  • Tasmanian Softies

    Tasmanian Softies

    Tasmanian Softies started with an idea in 2012.We wanted to raise funds to support Save the Tasmanian Devil Appeal. My daughter at the age of 12 was a keen artist and set to work drawing up designs for a Tasmanian Devil softie, Tiger and Wombat. The same softies we have today. I then turned these…

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  • DHD Surfboards

    DHD Surfboards

    Darren Handley’s passion for surfing began on the wave-rich Gold Coast of Australia, where he grew up surrounded by some of the world’s most famous waves and talented surfers. It was here that DH honed his skills in creating the most responsive surfboards in the world.As one of the world’s best shapers, DH’s reputation precedes…

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  • Tas Textiles

    Tas Textiles

    Tas Textiles produces a wide range of premium textile products and services, including woollen knitwear for schools and corporate markets, embroidery services, a range of hand-made soft toys, and much more. The company works closely with schools, businesses, sporting teams, and the general public across Tasmania and Australia who depend on Tas Textiles’ to deliver…

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  • AKA


    AKA is a hand-made, hand painted ceramics brand, created by me, Amelia Kingston. We are nestled in the Grampians in the little town of Stawell, Victoria, Australia.Since I was 15 I wanted to be a potter. I was told by my careers teacher that being a potter was no way to make a living and…

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  • and O Design

    and O Design

    Since 2009, from a home ceramics studio in the northern suburbs of Melbourne, Japanese artist Yumi Ando has hand-crafted intricately decorated lustre necklaces and earrings, curious bunny broaches, miniature plant hangers, faceted geometric forms and more. Inspired by the natural world and industrial forms, whilst also drawing on her Japanese heritage, each piece comes to…

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  • Anja Jagsch Art Jewellery

    Anja Jagsch Art Jewellery

    With these pieces of jewellery I share my passion for nature – they have been thoughtfully collected in my garden and my time spent in the wild.I studied nutrition (Oekotrophologie/Bachelor) in Germany and completed the Bachelor of visual arts and applied design here in Australia in 2009. Still passionate about both, in a way I…

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  • Anna Scheen

    Anna Scheen

    Anna Scheen is a ceramic artist, painter, and contemporary jeweller. Her work leans towards the subtle and her porcelain work is super fine, often contrasting the pure whiteness of the porcelain clay with midnight blackness. Her work explores themes of uncertainty and the unseen. The space between seeing and understanding, time and observation.Anna studied printmaking…

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  • Anna Seed

    Anna Seed

    Anna Seed is an Australian artist that explores the idea that magic exists in nature. If only we pay attention to it. It is our hope that bringing the artwork into your home brings to life some of that magic and whimsy for you too.

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  • Ant Haus

    Ant Haus

    All designs in the Ant Haus range are made by hand from start to finish by jewellery designer, Melaney McCleary in her Sydney studio. Melaney is obsessed with contemporary design and so creating a label that focuses on contemporary jewellery was a natural step for her.In every one of her pieces she uses traditional jewellery…

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  • Authete Studio

    Authete Studio

    A small studio focusing on small batch, hand made, everyday utilitarian essentials.Authete is a space for play and experiment where we can create on our own terms, for the simple joy of making.

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  • Beau Wylie

    Beau Wylie

    Growing up in a bushy house in Sydney, Beau Wylie began drawing ridiculous creatures and colourful worlds from the moment he could grasp a pencil. After graduating from the University of NSW with honours in Fine Art, Beau installed shows in art galleries, serviced boats on Sydney Harbour, and “worked” in a delightful Surry Hills…

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  • Bespoke Letterpress

    Bespoke Letterpress

    Bespoke Letterpress is a luxury stationery and lifestyle brand, dedicated to designing and producing the finest quality paper goods and products that evoke joy and bring beauty to every occasion.Founded by Alischa Herrmann in 2007, a graphic designer who fell in love with the long-lost craft of letterpress printing. With passion and dedication, she lovingly…

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  • Bridget Bodenham

    Bridget Bodenham

    Having spent the last 15+ years creating + making within the incredible medium that is clay, it is truly special to over these years become apart of many homes and my pieces be apart of your everyday lives. It is equally as special to see the continual growth and learning I continue to experience every…

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  • Bridget Farmer

    Bridget Farmer

    Working from my central Victorian studio I create drypoint etchings inspired by either the native birds on my doorstep or species I’m researching for the children’s book I’m working on. I also design a range of products, from linen tea towels and enamel birds pins to hand printed bird ornaments and greeting cards.I am originally…

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  • Coral Covey

    Coral Covey

    Coral Covey creates bespoke fine art jewellery that marks a memorable moment in time. Our custom-crafted keepsakes capture the emotional connection of the maker and wearer; made to be treasured and worn for a lifetime.Create with us and see us transform your personal story into wearable fine art.Coral Covey was founded and established in 2014…

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  • Dancing with Juniper

    Dancing with Juniper

    Dancing With Juniper is an Australian owned and Melbourne based textile house founded by artist and textile designer Hannah Stromberg. Whimsical painterly designs are unique and embody the organic nature of imperfections in the world around us. Our philosophy: beauty lies in the imperfections. Perfect is boring right?Playful yet carefully considered designs, bursting with colour…

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  • Edenwilde


    Edenwilde is the vibrant and colourful world of illustration artist and surface designer Lou Jane. Our current product range includes eco-printed stationery (greeting cards and notebooks) as well as fine art prints.Our beautifully designed and made products are proudly printed locally in Australia with a commitment to sustainability practices.We are dedicated to being an environmentally…

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  • Elly Oak

    Elly Oak

    Hello, my name is Kate and in 2008 I started my design business called Elly Oak. It came about after I hand-painted a small collection of greeting cards that were well-received by a local art gallery, giving me the confidence to pursue this as a business idea. I then completed a course in screen printing…

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  • Emma Morgan

    Emma Morgan

    I’m Emma Morgan, a colour-loving florist with a painting hobby that took a mind of its own (in the best way). You’ll find me seeking solitude on the Mornington Peninsula, Victoria.I can’t pinpoint exactly when my career began, because like many artists, I’ve forever been creating, making or tinkering. But it was around 2015 when…

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  • Hannakin


    Hanna has been drawing since she could hold a pencil, as well as constructing, creating and crafting all manner of creatures and miscellaneous bits and bobs with whatever flotsam she could lay her hands on.Hanna completed a Diploma of Visual Arts in 2009, majoring in painting and drawing and incorporating aspects of sewing and textiles…

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  • Helen Ashley Designs

    Helen Ashley Designs

    Helen likes to refer to herself as an illustrator in both paint and porcelain. Probably best known for her hand painted florals or well drawn illustrations, Helen’s quirky range of ceramics has grown from her love of nature and animals. She hand sculpts each piece using fine Australian porcelain and makes her own moulds from…

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  • Indelible Designs

    Indelible Designs

    Indelible designs create bold and dreamy functional ceramic pieces. Each piece is made slowly and thoughtfully by artist Kirby Sens in Melbourne, Victoria.Indelible means to making lasting marks or memories. This concept is echoed through each piece, with evidence of finger pressure and the makers hand these playful ceramic pieces are all unique.Each piece is…

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  • Irina Nazarova

    Irina Nazarova

    Hello, My name is Irina Nazarova, I am an artist and jewellery maker working from my lovely home studio in Adelaide. My art, both jewellery and paintings, is a response to the plethora of beauty existent in our gardens and natural environment that many may take for granted.Explore this site for works in the medium…

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  • Li’l Gas

    Li’l Gas

    Li’l Gas Urban Bowls and Planters are created with love in Bayside Melbourne.Discarded, rusted, scratched and dented gas bottles are reincarnated as funky industrial planters and bowls sitting pride-of-place in beautiful interiors and gardens.Once thought to be destined for the scrap heap–or worse, landfill–the old gas bottles receive a masterly cut, are cleaned and then…

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  • Little Bread Winner

    Little Bread Winner

    Handmade Bread Saws and Accessories to make your bread time a delight.Lovingly locally made, eco=friendly and non-toxic, easy to clean.If like us, you love fresh bread straight from the bakery, or even better, from your own oven – but can’t seem to cut it without crushing the loaf, then you will love Little Bread Winner’s…

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  • Little Rowan Redhead

    Little Rowan Redhead

    I am a visual artist who creates on Gadigal Land, in Sydney’s vibrant Inner West. A proud Antipodean, much of my inspiration is drawn both from my native country, New Zealand, and from my adopted country Australia.While a curiosity and thirst for new techniques has led me down many paths – acrylics, collage, screen printing…

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  • Luke Abbott Designs

    Luke Abbott Designs

    My work is an aesthetic form of biomimicry. Each creature evolved to inhabit the personal, intimate space that is reserved for jewellery. With details that are only revealed through mechanical transformation, I aim to unlock the childlike wonder I associate with the natural world.

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  • Manuela Igreja

    Manuela Igreja

    Manuela Igreja is a Melbourne based jeweller. After moving to Australia from Portugal, she began to explore the diverse landscapes and fell in love with the local flora and fauna. With a background in mathematics and origami, it seemed a natural progression to explore the geometry and textures that surround us in her organic jewellery…

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  • Pilar Rojas

    Pilar Rojas

    Although my workshop is now in Melbourne, I have a home in a small rural town near Granada, in the south of Spain. This is where slow living derives its real meaning. In this village people still go to work on a donkey, eat the seasonal produce of what they grow, bottle excess harvest and…

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  • Pinched by Nevena

    Pinched by Nevena

    Pinched. by Nevena creates unique and functional pieces for the home and to enjoy with loved ones. Pinched Studio is located in the Blue Mountains, Australia.Pinched. was born from a love of throwing methodically on the wheel and experimentation with gas reduction firings. The reduction process produces a range of effects on the outcome of…

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  • Pink Wattle

    Pink Wattle

    Hi! I’m Parul Sen, the artist behind Pink Wattle. I like to find beauty in the everyday objects and scenes that eventually find their way into my paintings.I grew up in India in the pink city of Jaipur before I moved to Melbourne the land of wattle, hence the name – Pink Wattle.I started my…

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  • Release the Zebra

    Release the Zebra

    Hey! I’m AnaïsI’m the founder and art director behind this one-woman creative studio. My journey began as a Theatre Director in France, where I managed Sound & Light shows before jumping into Visual Communications as an Art Director.I have a passion for creating bold and engaging visual storytelling as well as crafting accessories. If you’re…

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  • Shabana Jacobson

    Shabana Jacobson

    Contemporary Jeweller Shabana Jacobson has been making beautiful one-off pieces of jewellery for the last 20 years. She has 3 stores across Melbourne that showcase all her jewellery work as well as her other brands and design work such as her ceramics, skincare label, baby/home and lifestyle ranges.All production pieces are lovingly handmade in Melbourne…

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  • Studio Do

    Studio Do

    Studio Do is a Melbourne-based homeware brand that creates contemporary and minimalist tableware and sculptural pieces from locally foraged wood. Rebecca Monaghan, the creative behind Studio Do, combines her background in visual arts and software design to produce bespoke and functional pieces from her one-person workshop in Williamstown, Victoria.Rebecca’s passion for woodturning and carving began…

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  • Upswitch


    Based in Melbourne, Australia, Upswitch brings old forgotten objects back to life by transforming them into lamps, lighting and homewares. Each piece is hand-made and is a one-off, its design informed by its original use and its own distinct character.Upswitch is the brainchild of Michael Hanley who has had a lifelong fascination with old ‘stuff’…

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  • Vincent Chen

    Vincent Chen

    Vincent is an illustration artist based in Melbourne, Australia. His works are often inspired by the beauty of landscapes, flowers and busy urbanscapes. He enjoys the calmness brought from nature, yet never ceases to find peace in the city lives.Vincent specialises both in gouache and digital paintings. Having an animation background, he is interested in…

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  • Waverley Mills

    Waverley Mills

    For 150 years, we have been crafting Australia’s finest textiles at our historic weaving mill situated on the idyllic banks of Distillery Creek in Launceston. We are the last mill of our kind in Australia and are proud to spin, weave and finish each blanket, throw and scarf here onsite in Tasmania.Waverley Mills serves as…

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  • You, Me and Bones

    You, Me and Bones

    You, Me & Bones started as a hobby and New Year’s resolution in 2013 and quickly grew into a recognisable candle brand.Explore our range of aromas and illuminate your room or simply display in your home as a unique piece of decor.All of our products are sculpted, moulded and hand-poured in Melbourne using natural materials…

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  • Zipei


    Founded in 2019, ZIPEI’s narrative started from “Home”, where the majority of the time was spent in her home studio due to the Covid lockdown. The design poetically interprets fragments of everyday life: a corner of a rustic concrete wall, a breeze through translucent blinds, the touch of soft bed sheets… These unnoticed moments of…

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  • Tasnique


    We help Tasmanian makers, Tasmanian manufacturers and Tasmanian innovators present their creations to the world while they continue to focus on what they do best, creating, making and innovating beautiful things.Tasnique started in March 2020, at a time of great uncertainty during the Covid 19 crisis – with many Tasmanian based hand-crafted makers and builders…

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  • Tassie Timber Things

    Tassie Timber Things

    At Tassie Timber Things, we take great pride in our commitment to sustainability and quality craftsmanship. We carefully select only the finest Tasmanian timber. Each piece of timber we work with is chosen for its distinctive grain patterns, durability, and innate charm.Our team of skilled artisans combines their expertise with a deep appreciation for the…

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  • Topology Design

    Topology Design

    TOPOLOGY from the Greek TOPOS ‘place’ refers to the study of space and the interconnections of place. The Topology Design theme brings aesthetic qualities of our wild environments into our interior spaces through an exciting range of products.TOPOLOGY PRODUCTS – 10% of Profits made by Topology Design is donated to Environmental Projects. Endangered Species Tea…

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  • Made in Lismore

    Made in Lismore

    Made in Lismore is a bricks and mortar store (and an online marketplace) showcasing products created with decoupage, mosaics, art resin, alcohol ink, acrylic paint and anything paper! Homewares, candles, stationery, packaging, Christmas decorations, planters, hand printed tea towels and scarves, kids clothing and accessories. Craft kits, craft supplies, and workshops along with custom made…

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  • artisan


    artisan is Queensland’s home of craft and design.artisan is a Meanjin (Brisbane) based not-for-profit organisation that has provided leadership and advocacy for Queensland’s craft and design sector for over 50 years. We deliver creative and commercial opportunities for our artists, and progressive creative programs for our audience. artisan is committed to broadening access, discourse and…

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  • Tjanpi Weavers

    Tjanpi Weavers

    Tjanpi Desert Weavers is a social enterprise of the Ngaanyatjarra Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara (NPY) Women’s Council, working with women in the remote Central and Western desert regions who earn an income from contemporary fibre art. Tjanpi (meaning grass in Pitjantjatjara language) represents over 400 Anangu/Yarnangu women artists from 26 remote communities on the NPY lands. The…

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  • Mick’s Whip

    Mick’s Whip

    In 1988, Mick was inspired to keep the old whip traditions alive whilst working on the Bicentennial project Droving Australia. He has since made specialised whips for Hugh Jackman and Nicole Kidman as used in Baz Luhrmann’s movie Australia.He has made personalised whips for George W. Bush, HRH Prince Phillip, Bill Gates, Rudolph (Rudi) Giuliani,…

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  • Tiwi Designs

    Tiwi Designs

    Tiwi Designs has been printing textiles since the early 1980’s. The purpose built textile printing workshop is run by Osmond Kantilla, a master printer with over 20 years practical experience of printing textiles at Tiwi Design along with his assistant Alan Kerinauia.Osmond supervises the translation of original artworks onto screens and manages the production of…

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  • T’Arts Collective

    T’Arts Collective

    What do you think of when someone says the word ‘art’? Most people would say… ‘something that goes on the wall’. That’s the problem a couple of Adelaide textile artists had when they wanted to put their textile art into Adelaide art galleries, 20 years ago. Most of the galleries either weren’t that interested, or…

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  • Nook


    Nook reopens its brick and mortar store in September 2023, as a pop up, at West Village, West End. A stone’s throw from it’s origins on Browning Street. We continue to support and showcase local and handmade goods: pieces that you would keep for a lifetime.Our store is about a love and appreciation of well-designed,…

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  • Aboriginal Art Co

    Aboriginal Art Co

    Driven by our commitment to Country, community, leadership and accountability, Aboriginal Art Co is connecting ethical and authentic art and artisan products to the market.We create space for our community to be comfortable and confident that they are being accurately represented.Our founders are Aboriginal. Troy Casey is a Kamilaroi man and Amanda Hayman has cultural…

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  • Australian Design Centre

    Australian Design Centre

    Object Shop is Australian Design Centre’s retail store located Darlinghurst, Sydney.Our mission is to support the vibrant Australian contemporary craft and design community, by showcasing the best new work of designers and makers from Sydney and around Australia.Object Shop has been operating since 2016, during which time the store has grown to represent over 100…

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  • JamFactory


    JamFactory is a unique not-for-profit organisation that champions the social, cultural and economic value of craft and design in daily life. Through our programs we inspire audiences, build careers, and extend contemporary craft and design into new markets.For 50 years, JamFactory has been supporting and promoting innovative and outstanding craft and design through our studios,…

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  • Hayden Youlley

    Hayden Youlley

    I design and produce handmade, functional homewares in my studio in Marrickville, Sydney. I have been working full time on Hayden Youlley Design for almost 7 years. Before that, it was a part time passion project that I started while I was completing a Bachelor of Design at the College of Fine Arts, University of…

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  • Louis Grant

    Louis Grant

    Louis Grant is an emerging artist based on Ngunnawal and Ngambri land (Canberra), working professionally within the Canberra Glassworks community and as an independent studio artist. He graduated in 2018 with a Bachelor of Visual Art (Honours) from ANU School of Art and Design. Focusing on glass as his primary medium, he was accepted into…

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  • Australian Centre for Rare Arts & Forgotten Trades

    Australian Centre for Rare Arts & Forgotten Trades

    The Australian Centre for Rare Arts & Forgotten Trades (Rare Trades Centre for short) was established in 2022 as a place dedicated to the preservation and perpetuation of rare skills, knowledge and practice to ensure the language of ‘making’ in Australia is not lost to history and remains alive and accessible for future generations.Industrialisation, mass…

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  • Bea Bellingham

    Bea Bellingham

    Described by many as “a lot”, Bea has been studiously making a mess her entire career.Although originally starting in illustration and design, in more recent years Bea has worked in ceramics, and is the boss bitch behind Clay Sydney and Clay Sydney Tools.Bea is known for her commitment to silliness and sarcasm, with designs that…

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  • Clay Sydney Tools

    Clay Sydney Tools

    For years, we tried to source great pottery tools for our studios. With hundreds of students passing through our doors every week, you’d think if anyone would know what makes a good tool, it would be this bunch of tools.Our needs were simple: a collection of tools that produce the goods, are easy to use,…

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  • Double Date

    Double Date

    Sisters Alice and Bridget spend so much time together it was inevitable that one of their ideas was going to inspire them enough to start a business. Luckily for the homeware lovers out there, the idea that did it was not the salami advent calendar, but a colourful hanging mobile designed for any space, not…

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  • Loom Arts and Management

    Loom Arts and Management

    Loom Arts and Management is a disability-led not-for-profit organisation in Melbourne, Australia, formed with the aim of increasing representation, respect and access to opportunities for artists with disability.While people with disability currently make up around 18% of the population in Australia, they are one of the most marginalised demographics in our society and are chronically…

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  • Bob Boutique

    Bob Boutique

    bob is a unique little store with soul. Found under the historic verandahs of the Hotel Shamrock at 15-17 Williamson street, Bendigo, Victoria. Opened in 2004 we are unlike any other gallery/retail space and our product range is designed, ethically and sustainably made by us in Bendigo. We work with amazing artists and local small…

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  • KI & Co

    KI & Co

    Run by mother and daughter duo, Robyn and Kellie, KI & Co. Australia was born from a simple love of creating.With our shared love of travel and all things creative, we always sought out locally made jewellery and authentic keepsakes. So when Kellie moved back to South Australia for a few years, we set out…

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  • By Blu

    By Blu

    By Blu, created in 2019 to showcase the creations of Patti Blucher, a self-taught, intuitive and natural creator based on the stunning Kangaroo Island in South Australia. Patti has been a ‘maker’ of sorts her entire life and now brings her organic aesthetic and love of small treasures to By Blu with a series of…

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  • ACSOD Surfboard

    ACSOD Surfboard

    Surfing and surfboards have always been a way of my life. It began with my Dad, who has been making boards for as long as I can remember. From the age of ten, I would sit at the door and watch him shape, glass and sand boards in a tin shed out the back of…

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  • Sturt Gallery and Studios

    Sturt Gallery and Studios

    Sturt is Australia’s pioneering design centre and school for contemporary craft. Situated 100km south of Sydney in the Southern Highlands, we offer a wide range of courses and workshops for both adults and school-age students at all skill levels. More than a place of exceptional learning, Sturt plays an important role in the cultural and…

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  • Craft Victoria

    Craft Victoria

    Craft is dedicated to supporting the production and presentation of craft and design. We champion makers from around Victoria, Australia and beyond, via exhibitions that combine mastery of materials with innovative techniques and big ideas and our rich program of festivals, talks, and community events. We offer workshops and on-demand tutorials designed to support makers’…

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  • Mojo Collections

    Mojo Collections

    Mojo Collections is proudly owned and created by Australian Resin Artist, Christie Coulson. Christie lives on the stunningly, beautiful Capricorn Coast in Queensland, and her love for family, adventures and creating memories is what inspires her to design such unique and exceptional works of art.Every item in the range is crafted by hand right here…

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  • CoCo Contemporary

    CoCo Contemporary

    CoCo’s philosophy is to celebrate the importance of local Australian artists by promoting and exhibiting them in Australia and globally through commercial and private clients. We fully endorse the skills and creativity of our artists and know our clients will receive high-quality, unique and expertly-finished pieces.CoCo Contemporary Connoisseur mentors, manages and supports Australian Artists and…

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  • Volcania Art Glass

    Volcania Art Glass

    Volcania Art Glass is an Australian handcrafted glassware business that is owned and operated by Linda and Mark Floyd from Ogunbil via Tamworth, N.S.W. Australia since July 2000.Our product range includes designer glass plates, dishes, vases, coasters and sculptures, also stained glass / leadlight lamps, bowls and many suncatchers.Our specialty glassware will make a gift…

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  • Cindy Poole

    Cindy Poole

    “I have created a diverse and unique body of work which has culminated from my desire to create glass forms inspired by the images that are constantly presented from my environment, relationships and experiences.The glass is my canvas through which I can bring some of my thoughts and visions into a visual form that can…

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  • Melting Pot Glass

    Melting Pot Glass

    Australian hot glass artist, Gerry Reilly, creates handmade blown art glass from his renowned Melting Pot Glass Studio in Margaret River Wine Region.After 23 years as a public demonstration studio and gallery, Gerry and his partner Margot Edwards have closed their main street gallery and built a new home studio in Summer 2014. They have…

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