Australian Art

Australian art is a vibrant reflection of the nation’s rich cultural heritage and creative diversity, offering a wide range of styles and techniques that showcase the unique talents of its artists. From indigenous art to contemporary installations, Australia’s art scene is as diverse as its landscapes, with a dynamic interplay of influences from around the world that have been embraced, reinvented, and fused together to create a unique and innovative identity.

Indigenous Australian art, in particular, has gained international recognition for its distinctive style and cultural significance. This ancient art form dates back over 60,000 years, with rock paintings, ceremonial objects, and body art that have been passed down through generations of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. These traditional art forms continue to be practiced today, alongside contemporary interpretations that explore the themes of identity, history, and connection to country.

Meanwhile, contemporary Australian artists are also making their mark on the global stage, with innovative installations, sculptures, and paintings that reflect the nation’s multicultural society and its love for creativity. From urban street art to regional galleries, there is always something new and exciting to discover in Australia’s vibrant art culture.

By choosing to support Australian artists and their work, consumers are not only investing in high-quality products but also contributing to the local economy and promoting sustainable practices. This has led to a thriving arts scene that celebrates the old and the new, where traditional techniques might be applied to modern themes, or where new media is used to explore indigenous stories.

In conclusion, Australian art offers a rich and diverse range of styles and techniques that reflect the nation’s multicultural society and its love for creativity. From the ancient traditions of indigenous art to the contemporary installations of emerging artists, there is always something new and exciting to discover in Australia’s vibrant arts culture.

  • E.B Illustration

    E.B Illustration

    E.B Illustration has always loved to draw. With a history in portraiture, fine art, graphic design, installation and conceptual art, her journey has led her around the world, and to her current deep dive into fabric design.Influenced by the natural world directly around her, E.B creates fun, original, vibrant and unique hand drawn and digitally…

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  • Glenda Cornell – Artist

    Glenda Cornell – Artist

    Basically a self taught artist starting my career as an artist by drawing caricatures for workmates at the Kyabram hospital. Around 1983. I began exhibiting my work in local art shows. This led to good sales and commissions. Corporate and private commissions are in many countries around the world, including U.S.A. England, Scotland, New Zealand,…

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  • Dreamtime Artistry

    Dreamtime Artistry

    “Creating a space where the Indigenous Arts of all types can be shown to the world”.Dreamtime Artistry is a newly established supplier of Indigenous art with the backing of over 30 years of experience in the industry.Our mission is to provide authentic Indigenous products sourced from as many local producers and artists as possible, stringently…

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  • e360 Design

    e360 Design

    e360 Design is a comprehensive interior design studio and gallery offering a 100% Australian made range of original artwork, soft furnishings and furniture, established by Tamborine Mountain designer Jen Robson. e360 Design offers an abundant range of premium quality homewares, whilst also offering bespoke services in art, textile design, upholstery, wallpaper and original and upcycled…

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  • Jules McCrae (The Blacksmith Atelier)

    Jules McCrae (The Blacksmith Atelier)

    Sunshine Coast Artist Jules (Johnson) McCrae likes to describe herself as a functional artist. Her works vary from Wearable Art to Sculptural Lamps to Function Decor. Based in Rosemount, Jules has moved into her own studio(alongside The Blacksmiths Atelier) complete with a showroom with various items available for sale. Spending most of her working life…

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  • Amber Simpson

    Amber Simpson

    “There is something warm and honest about the nature of timber”Amber’s love of timber began when she was a child. Growing up in the Southern Highlands of NSW on a property bordered by bushland, nature was her playground. Born to a woodworker the memories of her father’s workshop transcend time, and the same spicy scent…

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  • Claire Ritchie

    Claire Ritchie

    Claire Ritchie designs and produces a selection of print-focused artwork, accessories, clothing, stationery and home wares. Made-to-order in her Brisbane home studio and brought to life through her colourful and bold print designs. Claire Ritchie products are as Aussie as can be. Textile goods like Kitchen Towels, Wall Hangings and Pillows are cut, sewn and…

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  • Anna Seed

    Anna Seed

    Anna Seed is an Australian artist that explores the idea that magic exists in nature. If only we pay attention to it. It is our hope that bringing the artwork into your home brings to life some of that magic and whimsy for you too.

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  • Bespoke Letterpress

    Bespoke Letterpress

    Bespoke Letterpress is a luxury stationery and lifestyle brand, dedicated to designing and producing the finest quality paper goods and products that evoke joy and bring beauty to every occasion.Founded by Alischa Herrmann in 2007, a graphic designer who fell in love with the long-lost craft of letterpress printing. With passion and dedication, she lovingly…

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  • Bridget Farmer

    Bridget Farmer

    Working from my central Victorian studio I create drypoint etchings inspired by either the native birds on my doorstep or species I’m researching for the children’s book I’m working on. I also design a range of products, from linen tea towels and enamel birds pins to hand printed bird ornaments and greeting cards. I am…

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  • Claire Mosely Art

    Claire Mosely Art

    Claire Mosley is a watercolour artist, natural dyer and environmental educator who paints and draws on Wurundjeri Country in Narrm, Melbourne. Inspired by the Australian bush, Claire captures the essence of lived moments on her outdoor adventures.

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  • Edenwilde


    Edenwilde is the vibrant and colourful world of illustration artist and surface designer Lou Jane. Our current product range includes eco-printed stationery (greeting cards and notebooks) as well as fine art prints.Our beautifully designed and made products are proudly printed locally in Australia with a commitment to sustainability practices.We are dedicated to being an environmentally…

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  • Elly Oak

    Elly Oak

    Hello, my name is Kate and in 2008 I started my design business called Elly Oak. It came about after I hand-painted a small collection of greeting cards that were well-received by a local art gallery, giving me the confidence to pursue this as a business idea. I then completed a course in screen printing…

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  • Emma Morgan

    Emma Morgan

    I’m Emma Morgan, a colour-loving florist with a painting hobby that took a mind of its own (in the best way). You’ll find me seeking solitude on the Mornington Peninsula, Victoria.I can’t pinpoint exactly when my career began, because like many artists, I’ve forever been creating, making or tinkering. But it was around 2015 when…

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  • Hannakin


    Hanna has been drawing since she could hold a pencil, as well as constructing, creating and crafting all manner of creatures and miscellaneous bits and bobs with whatever flotsam she could lay her hands on.Hanna completed a Diploma of Visual Arts in 2009, majoring in painting and drawing and incorporating aspects of sewing and textiles…

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  • Little Rowan Redhead

    Little Rowan Redhead

    I am a visual artist who creates on Gadigal Land, in Sydney’s vibrant Inner West. A proud Antipodean, much of my inspiration is drawn both from my native country, New Zealand, and from my adopted country Australia.While a curiosity and thirst for new techniques has led me down many paths – acrylics, collage, screen printing…

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  • Pink Wattle

    Pink Wattle

    Hi! I’m Parul Sen, the artist behind Pink Wattle. I like to find beauty in the everyday objects and scenes that eventually find their way into my paintings. I grew up in India in the pink city of Jaipur before I moved to Melbourne the land of wattle, hence the name – Pink Wattle.I started…

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  • Vincent Chen

    Vincent Chen

    Vincent is an illustration artist based in Melbourne, Australia. His works are often inspired by the beauty of landscapes, flowers and busy urbanscapes. He enjoys the calmness brought from nature, yet never ceases to find peace in the city lives.Vincent specialises both in gouache and digital paintings. Having an animation background, he is interested in…

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  • Ikuntji Artists

    Ikuntji Artists

    Ikuntji Artists is a member-based, not for profit, Aboriginal art centre. It is situated in the community of Haasts Bluff (Ikuntji), and has a board of seven Indigenous directors all of whom live and work locally. Haasts Bluff has a population of around 150 people. Ikuntji Artists is registered charity with both DGR and PBI…

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  • Janine Mackintosh

    Janine Mackintosh

    I’m an assemblage artist and a caretaker of over 800 acres of woodlands, heathlands and wetlands on the wild south coast of Kangaroo Island, South Australia. It’s a precious swathe of ecological antiquity, where thousands of species have coevolved for millennia and developed highly complex relationships.My art practice sprang from the study of the plants…

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  • Caitlin Reilly

    Caitlin Reilly

    Caitlin Reilly is an Australian-born multi-disciplinary artist currently residing on Bundjalung Country in northern New South Wales, specifically Byron Bay, Australia. Caitlin has exhibited in solo and group exhibitions across Australia, China, and Europe. Her works have also graced prestigious venues such as the MAXXI Museum in Rome, the Shanghai Museum of Art, the Xuhui…

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  • Brookfield Sculpture

    Brookfield Sculpture

    At Brookfield Sculpture, I envision a connection between the natural grace of Brookfield’s landscape and the elegance of sculpture and garden art. As a local Brookfield sculptor and resident, I have rooted this vision in the authenticity and charm of our surroundings. Brookfield Sculpture is a celebration of the artistry that resonates with our rural…

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  • BeSwell Artistry

    BeSwell Artistry

    Bindi (33) has created many forms of art from a young age, and has recently decided to follow this self taught passion and put all her energy and focus into being a full time Artist. Bindi’s philosophy is there is no such thing as mistakes, only opportunities to try something new. Thus BeSwell Artistry came…

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  • Maegan Oberhardt

    Maegan Oberhardt

    Born in 1997 and raised on a rural property in Queensland, Australia; Maegan spent her early years surrounded by nature and native wildlife. This environment provided her with the opportunity to study their features, individual characteristics, movement, and their expressions. It taught her appreciation of the natural environment and inspired her passion for animals, becoming…

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  • Sarah Tracton

    Sarah Tracton

    Sarah Tracton is a multidisciplinary fine artist and bespoke lighting designer. A graduate of the National Art School, she has built a reputation for using innovative ceramic techniques to create bespoke handcrafted lighting that is an intersection of fine art, craft and functional design. She fuses innovative cordless technologies with traditional craft processes to create…

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  • Studio Onethirty

    Studio Onethirty

    Studio Onethirty is a hub of bespoke fabric, furniture and furnishings based in Sydney. Created by Sarah Kalidis in 2016, Studio Onethirty is the result of a lifetime passion for design and all things handmade. Having studied interior design and with 10 years working as an architectural consultant, the birth of her daughter in 2015…

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  • Gemma Troy

    Gemma Troy

    I’m a poet and a ceramic and abstract artist living on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia with my little family and my cattle dog Sunny.I grew up treasure hunting out in the Australian forest with my dad. These rich childhood experiences nurtured my imagination and creativity. I have always believed in and chased magic…

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  • Cath Knijnenburg

    With a deep affection for the land around her and the life that inhabits it, Cath Kerr Knijnenburg’s work is influenced by Australian native flora and fauna – in both literal and abstracted form. Cath’s contemporary paintings have an open, progressive style that is influenced by her graphic design career.​Cath is a full-time visual artist…

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  • Seajay Art

    Seajay Art

    As a resin artist based in Mudjimba on the Sunshine Coast, I have spent over seven years exploring the versatility and fluidity of resin as my main medium. While my love for structure and fine detail remains, resin’s inherent fluidity has taught me the beauty of surrendering control and embracing the surprises that unfold during…

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  • Lost and Found Art Co

    Lost and Found Art Co

    Lost & Found Art Co was born from my love of colour, nature, textiles and mixed media with the aim to provide quality art pieces for your home in various print forms & mixed media woodblocks. They are all original designs that feature an affinity with nature, colour and a happy vibe that I super…

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  • Suzy French

    Suzy French

    Suzy French is an Australian artist who creates modern landscape artwork on both canvas and aluminium.Suzy is passionate about the landscape that has been the backdrop to her fortunate life. Having lived across the Kimberley for close to 30 years, her journey with this country has been the inspiration for the work she creates. She…

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  • Black Stump Gallery

    Black Stump Gallery

    Black Stump is a contemporary Gallery dedicated to bringing you unique and beautiful artworks inspired by Broome and the Kimberley.Emma and Simon love the Kimberley and are very proud to have achieved their long term dream of having their own gallery in Broome. They have been travelling to the Kimberley for the past 20 years,…

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  • Yallingup Galleries

    Yallingup Galleries

    Yallingup Galleries is a purpose built gallery, established in a natural bush setting at the gateway to the Margaret River Wine Region. The gallery is located on scenic Caves Road in close proximity to wineries, restaurants and pristine beaches. The gallery represents recognised Australian Artists and displays a diverse range of Fine Arts and Furniture.…

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