Australian Honey

Australian honey is a sweet reflection of the nation’s diverse landscapes and beekeeping traditions, offering a range of unique flavours and textures that are as expansive as its territories. The country’s honey scene is a dynamic interplay of natural resources, where traditional apiculture techniques from around the globe are embraced, reinvented, and often fused together, giving rise to a unique and innovative honey identity. From the aromatic eucalyptus forests to the robust leatherwood plantations, Australia’s hives are as diverse as its ecosystems.

The cross-pollination of beekeeping traditions is a hallmark of Australian honey production, where beekeepers draw on their heritage and Australia’s bountiful flora to create fresh and exciting honey varieties. This has led to the emergence of a contemporary Australian honey culture that is not bound by convention but is instead characterized by experimentation and creativity. The result is a honey culture that celebrates the old and the new, where a classic European technique might be applied to indigenous nectar sources, or where an Asian honey is given a modern Australian twist.

Australian honey is also defined by its quality raw materials, sourced from the fertile lands and pristine environments that surround the continent. This abundance of fresh, local nectar sources ensures that whether it’s a boutique honey producer or a commercial beekeeping operation, the honey is always a vibrant expression of Australia’s rich cultural tapestry and honey innovation. From the iconic jarrah honey to the rare manuka honey, Australian honey is a testament to the nation’s multicultural society and its love for sweetness.

  • Adleys Honey

    Adleys Honey

    It all began over 30 years ago on a heritage rich property in Bathurst when farm boy and shearer Geoff Rutherford, found himself determined to pave a career in Beekeeping.It wasn’t long until his hard work, determination and can-do attitude transformed just a handful of beehives into a full-time apiary producing some of Australia’s very…

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  • Sublime Honey

    Sublime Honey

    We are a local family who love all things bees. Ian (dad) who is our bee keeper has a family history of bee keeping starting a few hundred years ago when the Treweek family crest was awarded to the family for being bee keepers to the Queen of England. More recently his grandfather used bees…

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  • Australian Honey Products

    Australian Honey Products

    Lindsay Bourke started his one-man apiarist business with 200 hives in 1966.In 2002 Australian Honey Products became an award-winning venture exporting to countries such as Korea, Japan, Tahiti, Germany, Jordan and United Kingdom. Initially marketed under the Bourkes Garden Honey and Cradle Mountain Honey, the company expanded with the acquisition of Taverners Products in 2007.…

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  • The Tasmania Honey Company

    The Tasmania Honey Company

    In 1978 and Julian created The Tasmanian Honey Company, to share with the world the tonic that is Tasmanian-made honey. He also was, as his 8-year-old self pre-empted; a beekeeper. A beekeeper that wanted to produce wild and uncompromised leatherwood honey for all to share.To ensure we harness the full quality of our honey we…

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  • Heritage Honey

    Heritage Honey

    Peter Norris has been involved in beekeeping for 35 years. Whilst living in London he took up beekeeping as a hobby and attended Merrist Wood Agricultural College to gain enough knowledge to keep his bees properly.Two years later his hobby had grown to 150 hives, but when varroa struck in the UK in 1992, 80%…

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  • Honey for Life

    Honey for Life

    Honey For Life’s honey boasts some of the highest MGO and TA levels in the world, making it an incredibly potent antibacterial and antimicrobial agent.From our premium range of Jarrah, Marri, Karri, or our popular Super Jarrah, to our certified organic range, or our decadent beeswax; each and every forest fresh honey product we produce…

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  • Swan Valley Honey

    Swan Valley Honey

    100% Western Australian Honey.Swan Valley Honey’s team of honey connoisseur’s venture to faraway places to collect the best golden honey created by our bees foraging amongst pristine bush land areas of Western Australia.Once the hives are filled our team takes this precious crop and spins out the golden liquid honey and pack into jars for…

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  • Cooloola Honey Company

    Cooloola Honey Company

    Based in the picturesque Sunshine Coast Hinterland, in Queensland Australia, our bee hives produce some of Australia’s finest Euculyptus Honey. Our Company is 100% Australian owned and operated and is dedicated to producing pure, natural, top grade Australian Honey.Our Honey is harvested from our own Hives for most of the year with some varieties being…

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  • Two Busy Bees Honey

    Two Busy Bees Honey

    We are a father and daughter team of organic minded apiculturists and specialty food makers. Creating artisan cold filtered with only the most natural of Queensland grown ingredients.It all began back in 2016 with just three hives and has grown quickly from there and we now have nearly 50 hives.As a two person team our…

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  • Central Coast Honey Company

    Central Coast Honey Company

    We are a small family farm and business on the Central Coast of NSW, producing gorgeous local honey favours for weddings, baby showers, and thank you gifts.Our pure raw honey is sourced locally from our own farm, Horseshoe Valley Farm & Apiary. We keep beehives along the beautiful Dooralong, Jilliby and Yarramalong Valleys, and harvest…

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  • Cottesbrook Honey

    Cottesbrook Honey is a family run beekeeping business that is based in the Central Tablelands NSW near Bathurst and Orange. We have 700 hives of bees which we migrate around Central NSW to different honey flows. We specialises in producing premium varieties of honey, honeycomb, creamed honey, beeswax and other beehive products.Cottesbrook Honey, 4 Kellys…

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  • Kangaroo Island Living Honey

    Kangaroo Island Living Honey

    Kangaroo Island Living Honey is a family owned and operated bee farm which produces raw organic honey and honey products. Our farm consists of Shawn the apiarist (Bee keeper), farmer and father; Anthea the book keeper, product manufacturer and mother; and our 5 children. Shawn started working with bees as a hobby in 1998 and…

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  • Beauty and the Bees

    Beauty and the Bees

    All Beauty and the Bees hair and skincare products are built on a foundation of 3 simple words: Raw. Rare. Real.Raw – Natural ingredients from the Apiaries, Beaches, Dairies, Forests and Farms of Australia’s wild island of Tasmania.Rare – Leatherwood Honey and Beeswax found only in the ancient rainforests along Tasmania’s wild west coast.Real –…

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  • Blue Hills Honey

    Blue Hills Honey

    Robbie and Nicola Charles of Blue Hills Honey harvest honey containing some of the highest antioxidants of any honey in the world. The journey from Leatherwood flower to honey pot begins with busy bees feeding on Leatherwood trees hidden deep within Tasmania’s pristine rainforests. The honey is then delivered from happy hives straight to the…

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  • Melita Honey Farm

    Melita Honey Farm

    Melita Honey Farm was founded in 2001 by four members of the Beerepoot family, Henk, Lida, Remmo and Fanny. Having originally migrated from the Netherlands in the early 1980’s the family settled in Tasmania in 1999 after having lived in a number of different mainland states. Oddly enough wherever the family settled they found that…

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  • Miellerie Honey

    Miellerie Honey

    Miellerie Honey is a subtle marriage of Tasmanian native flowers, French tradition and biodynamic practices. It has been a family business, owned and operated by Yves Ginat, apiarist/beekeeper since he was a 14yr old boy, growing up in France. ‘Miellerie’ is French for ‘Honey House’, pronounced ‘meer-leh-ree’. We specialise in producing organic, unheated native flower…

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  • Wellington Apiary

    Wellington Apiary

    Wellington Apiary began in 2009 in an established garden in the centre of Hobart by Antonia and Robin O’Brien. Starting as a few hives tucked away in their city garden, Wellington Apiary has grown from producing honey from hives in the Hobart city centre to hives across Tasmania. Wellington Apiary was started on the principles…

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  • Mudgee Honey Haven

    Mudgee Honey Haven

    Mudgee Honey Haven is one of the top things to do in Mudgee. Located 3 hours drive north-west of Sydney, our Honey Factory and Gift-Shop in Mudgee NSW is a well known tourist stop for tour-buses and local visitors alike. Stocking a full range of all Mudgee Honey and other great local products available for…

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  • Honey Tasmania

    Honey Tasmania

    In 2000, we moved to Tasmania with our two-year-old daughter, drawn by its island magnetism, its uniqueness in the world, its ancient wild landscapes and its challenge of offering unrealised opportunities. These traits fuelled an adventurous and entrepreneurial fire we both had smouldering within us. All we needed was to be stung!This came when our…

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  • Swan Valley Honey

    Swan Valley Honey

    Swan Valley Honey’s team of honey connoisseur’s venture to faraway places to collect the best golden honey created by our bees foraging amongst pristine bush land areas of Western Australia.Once the hives are filled our team takes this precious crop and spins out the golden liquid honey and pack into jars for our other honey…

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  • Simply Honey

    Simply Honey

    We’re The Real DealSimply Honey exclusively sells delicious 100% local Australian honey and local bee products prepared by Australian Beekeepers’ Honey.Australian Beekeepers’ Honey has been producing some of Australia’s best quality real, natural, pure 100% Australian honey and bee products available to the public for over three decades.We are a long-standing Australian family-owned and operated…

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  • Buzz Honey

    Buzz Honey

    Buzz Honey is a family owned business located in the pristine Adelaide Hills. We produce hand selected and harvested honeys from a variety of locations across South Australia.From almonds to orange blossoms, summer meadows to native bushland as the brilliant colours of the Mallee and eucalyptus burst forth, our little bees get to savour the…

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  • Hayes Honey

    Hayes Honey

    Established in 2013, Hayes Honey is a small family business from Adelaide, South Australia, producing pure, raw, award-winning honey, honeycomb, natural beeswax balms and beeswax candles.Our hives are located across Adelaide’s north and north eastern suburbs. The bees collect from a range of flowering flora including gum trees, natives and the diverse flowers in backyards…

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  • Nova Farms Honey

    Nova Farms Honey

    NovaFarms is an 100% Australian owned and family run business and one of the largest suppliers of Australian Manuka Honey in Adelaide, South Australia. NovaFarms has been supplying Premium Australian Honey and Manuka to exports markets for over 30 years.Our team of local beekeepers bring the annual harvest of Manuka Honey to our state of…

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  • Pure Origins

    Pure Origins

    Founded and manufactured in Australia, we aim to provide people all over the globe with only the finest liquid gold. From the US, Middle East, Japan, South East Asia and China, a little piece of Australia is present through Pure Origins Honey around the world.We are certified HACCP, organic and an export approved facility. Each…

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  • Pure Peninsula Honey

    Pure Peninsula Honey

    After moving to a farm on the Mornington Peninsula, Pure Peninsula Honeys’ apiarist John Winkels turned his hobby of many years into a full time business. John found 2 feral beehives, which he carefully monitored, tended to and eventually moved into boxes. This was the beginning of Pure Peninsula Honey.With passion as a foundation, orchards…

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  • Raw Honey Farm

    Raw Honey Farm

    We are Andrew and Moss, migratory apiarists (beekeepers) from Marraweeney in North-East Victoria. We produce and package our honey under the ‘Raw Honey’ brand name at our ‘off-grid’ property on the Strathbogie Tablelands. We are managing around 1300 beehives with a particular focus on Eucalypt honey production. We manage around one-quarter of our apiaries with…

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  • Fewster’s Farm Honey

    Fewster’s Farm Honey

    Fewster’s Farm (FF) is owned and operated by Kim Fewster, a fourth generation beekeeper, who has proudly kept on the family tradition which began in 1898.Fewster’s Farm is one of the largest producers of honey in Western Australia. Fewster’s Farm honey is as pristine as the environment it comes from. The honey is never heat-treated,…

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  • Maffroy’s Gold

    Maffroy’s Gold

    Malfroy’s Gold and Natural Beekeeping Australia are pioneering, innovative small rural businesses delivering world class products and services with a focus on bee, environmental and community health.We provide Wild Honey, Wild Honeycomb and Beeswax – all ethically and sustainably produced in bee-friendly Warré hives. Our methods exceed both organic and biodynamic standards and we are…

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  • Hampson Honey

    Hampson Honey

    Hampson Honey is a family business with a genuine passion for our people, partners and the planet.We harvest our honey with care which is why Australians have come to trust and love our honey products.Carl & Karin Hampson are the people behind Hampson Honey. What started as a hobby back in 2009 eventually morphed into…

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  • The Honey Thief

    The Honey Thief

    We moved to Bowral in the Southern Highlands in 2011 from Sydney to raise our two young children, with a desire to be self-sufficient and live sustainability. We started keeping bees that first year to pollinate our vegetable garden and orchard. We then got our first taste of honey the following Summer – we thought…

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  • Central Coast Honey Company

    Central Coast Honey Company

    We are a small family farm and business on the Central Coast of NSW, producing gorgeous local honey favours for weddings, baby showers, and thank you gifts.Our pure raw honey is sourced locally from our own farm, Horseshoe Valley Farm and Apiary. We keep beehives along the beautiful Dooralong, Jilliby and Yarramalong Valleys, and harvest…

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  • Clayridge Honey

    Clayridge Honey

    Clayridge Honey is unprocessed, raw, 100% pure and completely natural honey straight from our beehives.Our bees roam the untouched pristine bushland on the South Coast and Southern Highlands of NSW collecting pure and natural nectar (which is converted to honey) and pollen (used mainly to make beeswax).The flavours or varieties offered by us are dependent…

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  • Orara Valley Honey

    Orara Valley Honey

    Orara Valley Honey was founded in 2008 when the owner Glenn Locke, rekindled a childhood interest in beekeeping by setting up a few beehives at Karangi, just west of Coffs Harbour.The business has gradually grown to approximately 100 production hives and is still located in the Orara Valley at Nana Glen.Our natural, local raw honey…

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  • Save Our Bees

    Save Our Bees

    Our Raw Honey is 100% pure, natural, rich and full flavoured produced in our apiary Sydney.Our raw honey is extracted from our beehives located in a private backyard bee garden in Bardwell Park, an inner west suburb of Sydney Australia, on the hill side of Bardwell Valley over looking Earlwood and Kingsgrove. We call it…

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  • The Rare Honey Company

    The Rare Honey Company

    We are a small, family owned and operated beekeeping company located in the beautiful and remote south west corner of Western Australia.Our honey is 100% pure, raw and unprocessed straight from the beehive to the jar. The Rare Honey Company carefully selects only the most pristine environments to keep our bees; from the 300 year…

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  • Sawyer’s Apiaries Epic Honey

    Sawyer’s Apiaries Epic Honey

    Sawyer’s Apiaries is a family owned; family run bee farm operating out of WA since 1947. Our beehives follow the flowering cycles of WA’s native flora. We collect honey from as far south as Ravensthorpe and as far north as Cervantes. We produce a pure product, free of any chemicals, pesticides, insecticides or additives. Each…

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  • The Urban Beehive

    The Urban Beehive

    Established in 2010 by beekeepers Vicky Brown and Doug Purdie, The Urban Beehive is driven by a deep desire to protect pollinating bees in Sydney, in the knowledge that this will ensure the city’s health and – ultimately – its survival. Today, we have over a hundred beehives, and we are partnered with some of…

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  • Redfern Raw

    Redfern Raw

    The sustainability movement is not something new, it’s a conscious ethos to make contributions back into our environment. To lighten our footprint upon the Earth. Cottage industries, producing locally, enabling people to buy locally, therefore reducing our dependence on mass-industries that are grossly inefficient.We here at Redfern Raw apply this ethos to our approach to…

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  • Teralba Park Honey

    Teralba Park Honey

    Whilst living on a small suburban block in the northern suburbs of Brisbane, I purchased my first beehive from Facebook marketplace. I was new to beekeeping but excitedly welcomed our my first hive which has grown into a hobby that brings joy and passion everyday.I started with a singular flow style hive however found love…

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  • Backyard Honey

    Backyard Honey

    It started in the family’s backyard, when Melbourne’s Backyard Honey beekeepers, Peter and Jane Dyer, realised that while many people dreamed of having beehives and harvesting their own pure raw unheated honey, they often did not have the time or apiary experience required.Inspired by this, Peter and Jane Dyer pursued their beekeeping passion and developed…

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  • Blue Tree Honey Farm

    Blue Tree Honey Farm

    Blue Tree Honey Farm is situated on the hills overlooking the Tarwin River at Dumbalk, South Gippsland region of Victoria. Our produce is grown as Organically as possible, (Not certified) with no chemicals or pesticides used on the garden. All Jams, Jellies, Preserves and Sauces are made with produce grown on our farm or sourced…

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  • Walkabout Apiaries

    Walkabout Apiaries

    All family members are involved in the different aspects of the business whether we are rearing queen bees, harvesting honey, producing beeswax candles or Mead. On market days it is all hands on deck and the Grandchildren often get involved too.Bees have taught us to be a close family, to work harmoniously and productively to…

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  • VicHoney


    We are VicHoney, the online presence of Upper Beaconsfield Apiaries.We are a family-run boutique bee and organic honey apiary based 50km south east of Melbourne in the foothills of The Dandenongs.Our aim is to produce the highest quality Australian eucalyptus organic honey through our own well managed beehives.Our organic honey is cold-extracted and is NOT…

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  • Brissy Bee

    Local honey that’s been collected from hives in Coorparoo, QLD. All honey is untreated and raw.Contact 0414 749 37537 Shakespeare St, Coorparoo Q 4151

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  • Gary’s Honey

    Gary’s Honey

    As a kid growing up in a rural town l saw a lot of bee hives, l was curious but weary of them. Something about them excited me, I used to stand close to the hives and watch the bees come and go.It would be years later at a nearby permaculture commune that I purchased…

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  • Illawarra Bees

    Illawarra Bees

    Illawarra Bees is a family business that has been operating for over ten years in the Illawarra, Sutherland Shire and Shoalhaven regions. Our honey is pure, untreated and 100% natural. We provide hive establishment and management services, as well as educational workshops for beekeepers, schools and community groups.At Illawarra Bees we aim to bring you…

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  • Curly Honey

    Curly Honey

    The Curly Honey family are beekeepers ourselves. We are passionate about taking care of our environment. We love talking to people about bees at our local stalls, schools and cafes.Pure raw honey curated from backyard beekeepers across the Northern Beaches, Sydney and NSW. Nothing added, just full of nature and meticulously produced in small batches…

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  • The Lazy Drone

    The Lazy Drone

    When one skilled beekeeper and one savvy business lady get together, naturally, they decide to start a honey business.Born and bred on the Northern Beaches, Paul has been a master apiarist for many years and routinely teaches kids and adults how to keep productive and happy bees.Long time beaches local, Ellen loves the raw honey…

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  • Blue Mountains Honey

    Blue Mountains Honey

    Over 35 years ago Steve was sitting in a car looking on as his brother in law got repeatedly stung by bees, running around and flailing his arm, trying to attend a hive. In that moment Steve said “I want a bee hive.’ This is where the honey started to flow.It wasn’t long before one…

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  • Wild Nectar

    Wild Nectar

    For a number of years at Wild Nectar we have been working away at beekeeping and honeymaking, focusing on providing pollination services and producing many tonnes of 100% Australian local honey and Organic honey each year. As our passion for raw honey grew we decided it was time to make a change to bring the…

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  • Maya Sunny Honey

    Maya Sunny Honey

    Maya Sunny Honey is a 100% raw honey range, handcrafted wholly by Andrew and his hard working bees from Mudgee region, NSW, Australia. Andrew’s passion and inspiration for bees started at a very young age in the country-side of Poland, where he would learn and help his parents on the apiarist farm.Maya Sunny Honey believes…

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  • Tetra Native Bee Honey

    Tetra Native Bee Honey

    At Tetra Native Bees, we are dedicated to fostering a harmonious relationship between humans and nature, with a specific focus on the vital role that native stingless bees play in our ecosystem. Our mission is to safeguard and promote the well-being of native bees while producing high-quality, sustainably harvested honey and native bee related products.Sam…

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  • Libees Honey

    Libees Honey

    My beekeeping journey started by joining the Northside Beekeepers Association at Lawnton to learn all I could about my hobby before putting bees in a FlowHive in my suburban backyard in 2016. The ancient art of mentoring was the gold in the raw honey and I rapidly made many friends who never tired of talking,…

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  • Wall’s Honey

    Wall’s Honey

    We are a family owned and run beekeeping business operating in Nemingha, NSW. Justin is our head beekeeper, and is responsible for the health and happiness of our bees. Katelyn is his sidekick who helps out with the bees and coordinates the activities of our two budding apprentices – Lulu (aged 3) and Lachie (aged…

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  • ShortHive


    This precious gold liquid has been in our family for a long time. Our Grandfather has been a beekeeper for over 50 years. An award here, an award there … our family knows how to harvest some pretty fine honey. One chilly afternoon, we were sitting around the farm table talking all things bee-keeping when…

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  • Mount Henry Honey

    Mount Henry Honey

    We are Mount Henry Honey – Gemma, Henry, Freddie and Matilda. We live in Mulgoa, Darug country, at the base of the Blue Mountains on our family property, Mount Henry, where Henry grew up. It’s a beautiful part of the world on the Cumberland Plain in Western Sydney – an important and threatened ecosystem in…

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  • Beescreek Honey

    Beescreek Honey

    Beescreek Honey bees operate in the tropical monsoonal climate native to Australia’s northern regions. With two disparate seasons (wet and dry) our European Honeybees (Apis mellifera) experience dry and cool weather for one half of the year and extreme heat, humidity and rain for the other.Our beekeeping process is widely different to that in Australia’s…

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  • Regal Honey

    Regal Honey

    At the heart of our luxury honey venture lies a story steeped in tradition and familial heritage. It all began with the visionary spirit of our great grandmother, who embarked on the journey of beekeeping with a steadfast determination to forge a better future for her family. Seeking to generate income and cultivate a legacy…

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  • Mountain Mist Honey

    Mountain Mist Honey

    Bespoke Small Batch Premium Raw Australian Honey. Eco Friendly and Sustainable Packaging. Our signature glass hexagonal jars feature a bamboo lid and internally attached honey dipper. All of our honey is raw and direct from the beekeeper. Raw honey contains antioxidants and beneficial digestive enzymes. It has antibacterial and antifungal properties as well as being…

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  • Real Good Honey

    Real Good Honey

    Since the inception of Real Good Honey, our mission has always been to lift the value and perception of Australian honey.Our company has made serious honey market, and now we are turning our focus to the skin microbiome. To date we have had great success combatting troublesome pathogens found on the groin, trunk, feet and…

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  • Meluka Australia

    Meluka Australia

    In the picturesque rainforest of Bungawalbin Valley, Australia’s Northern New South Wales, you will find our certified organic farm where thousand-year-old tea tree Mother Trees thrive in an untouched, pristine and completely organic environment. The majestic tea tree’s natural healing properties provide inspiration and drive our spirit of innovation to create delicious products that you…

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  • Young Bees

    Young Bees

    Young Bees is a family owned business producing 100% natural Australian honey. Located in Hilltops area of NSW we supply honey direct to your door with our online store!Young Bees are proud to share their ever-changing (sometimes light, sometimes dark) local honey direct from the beekeeper to you.Our premium honey is sourced from Australian Eucalypts…

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  • Forest Fresh Honey

    Forest Fresh Honey

    Forest Fresh is a Perth based, family owned and run enterprise specialising in the supply of unique, high Activity honey sourced from the native forests of southern Western Australia. Our mission is to educate everyone on the powerful, natural and unique benefits of Western Australian honey, and provide only the highest quality products to customers…

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  • Beloved Bees

    Beloved Bees

    With a passion for all things nature especially our beloved bees, our aim is to bring you quality products that can be beloved by your family.Embracing the beauty that nature offers us with the items we have curated for you. Native bees are our primary focus however we love all pollinators great an small and…

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  • Hives n Honey

    Hives n Honey

    Start your day off right with your favourite local honey!Taste the local favours of the Moreton Bay region with our beautiful range of honey!Choose from our mixed bush honey range and experience all the different flavours of the natural Australian bush and its different regions.Our Dragon Fruit honey has truly amazing fruity flavours from the…

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  • Bee All Natural

    Bee All Natural

    We are an ‘artesian’ family owned business, proudly operating since 2013. Our hives are located within local regions of South East Queensland. To ensure we provide premium quality raw honey and Start A Project hand made bee products to our customers, each hive site and their foraging surrounds is carefully assessed to ensure the bees’…

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  • Bombinate Bee Company

    Bombinate Bee Company

    Brendan Missenden is an Entomologist and the founder of Bombinate Bee Company. Together with his wife and their five children they share their beekeeping passion with others and teach the importance of keeping bees.They have a humming business and enjoy breeding queen bees and talking bees. They also have a line of honey products that…

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  • Bee Happy

    Bee Happy

    Bee Happy® Apiaries was established in 1993 with Colin Fleay a 3rd generation Apiarist and his partner Ruth Hamlyn, together they run their apiary which homes 400 hives.Bee Happy® Apiaries is Certified Organic with NASAA (National Association For Sustainable Agriculture Australia) Reg – 6145.The Bee Happy® Bees are moved around the state of WA following…

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  • The Kangaroo Island Ligurian Bee Co

    The Kangaroo Island Ligurian Bee Co

    The Kangaroo Island Ligurian Bee Co is a family owned and operated business based in Kingscote on Kangaroo Island, South Australia. It was established by Peter Davis in 2001 as one of the first organic honey producers. Peter’s passion wasn’t restricted to just producing honey, he has always been keen to share his knowledge about…

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  • Bee Good Honey

    Bee Good Honey

    Located near Humpty Doo in the NT, Bee good honey produces and packages honey, confectionery, eggs and fresh fruit and vegetables.We started Bee Keeping and Cheese making nearly 10 years ago in response to our children’s intolerance of the additives used in commercial food today. These days we have expanded and are licensed as Primary…

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    Our Mission: To create beeautiful bee products and care for animals in need of love and safety.The Land of Roos and Honey (TLORAH) is a beespoke bee product business, located in Katherine, Northern Territory, Australia. We are beekeepers and an animal sanctuary that rescues local wildlife and other animals that are in need of love…

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  • Bee2Bee


    Bee2Bee is an innovative family-owned business based in WA. Since 2016, we have been supplying beekeepers across Australia, from beginners to experts, with the beekeeping equipment and knowledge they need to succeed. The Bee2Bee team does an array of in house construction and services to meet all your beekeeping needs. The unique stock range is…

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  • Bundy Bees

    Bundy Bees

    We are a local bee keeping business servicing areas including Bundaberg, Gin Gin and Childers.We sell our honey and beeswax.We provide pollination services.We also provide bee removal services. Our business grew from a hobby to a family business in 2018. We believe in providing the best nature has to offer in its most natural form.…

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  • Bee One Third

    Bee One Third

    FROM PRISTINE COASTAL MANUKA FLOWERS TO Brisbane’s diverse urban landscapes, AND FROM THE HEART OF Sydney’s Northern Beaches TO THE bloodwoods of Port Macquarie, BEE ONE THIRD NEIGHBOURHOOD HONEY CONNECTS YOU WITH YOUR neighbourhood honey. Our mission is to reconnect communities with the reality of what pollinators do for our food system, our health and…

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  • Raw Honey

    Raw Honey connects Apiarists and Shops that have Raw Honey to sell directly with people who want to buy it.As beekeepers ourselves, we know that selling honey on the side of the road can sometimes be a bit hit-and-miss. Honey sitting in the hot Aussie sun all week isn’t that great for it, and what about…

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  • Archibald’s Honey

    Archibald’s Honey

    In 1920, Mr James Archibald bought a farm in the Mallee with beehives on it and as a result, his son Robert developed a keen, life long interest in bees and honey. A commercial beekeeper, he did not agree with honey bought and sold on colour, as was the case then. He was so adamant,…

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  • Nativo Bees

    Nativo Bees

    Bee biology, beekeeping and pollination, all with Australian native bees.Native bee expert based in Brisbane, supplier of bee boxes, colonies, native bee honey, and pollination service.I started to do beekeeping three decades ago. Today, after 35 years of studying and working as a professional bee researcher, I decided to have my own bee business.NATIVO name…

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  • Wondermazing Honeybees

    Wondermazing Honeybees

    At our home on the foothills of Mount Macedon, springtime is filled with the buzzing of bees. Even before we became beekeepers, the hillside buzzed and we thought it was the perfect location to have a beehive. We caught our first swarm and completed our first beehive ‘cutout’, rescuing and relocating a beehive from where…

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  • Happy Bee

    Happy Bee

    Welcome to our little Bush land Apiary located in Yatala, half way between Brisbane and the Gold Coast.We care for our bees without the use of chemicals in or around the Apiary and do not feed our bees, so always leave them enough honey to look after themselves during winter and times of little flowering.…

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  • Hum Honey

    Hum Honey

    Our passion is to bring you the purest, raw honey from our free- range farm on the Sunshine Coast Hinterland. There is no other taste like it! When it comes to production, Hum Honey is proud to be a boutique business. This means your honey has been hand-harvested, hand-produced and most importantly hand-loved. Our focus…

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  • Mooloolah Valley Honey

    Mooloolah Valley Honey

    Get to know MVH – Mooloolah Valley Honey is a new privately owned small supplier of premium, raw, organic honey. Our honey is produced in our beautiful local town Mooloolah Valley by our founders. Our founders are a group of 4 individuals who see the benefits of housing bees. The original idea for this venture…

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  • Banno’s Bees & Honey

    Banno’s Bees & Honey

    Our passion is to bring you the purest, raw honey from our Apiaries. Banno’s Bees & Honey honey can be picked up from 3 Cassia Street, Beerwah, Qld, 4519. Alternatively, Banno’s Bees & Honey can be posted in any amount at rates from $14.95 within Australia. Banno’s Bees & Honey Raw Honey costs $11.00 for…

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  • Sunrise Honey Farm

    Sunrise Honey Farm

    Honey made in Australia has always been world-renowned for its purity, and natural high quality. However, in order to ensure that the honey is purely natural and of good quality, that starts from the honey source. SUNRISE HONEY FARM is located in the Sunshine Coast region of Queensland, Australia, with 149 hectares of land, nestled…

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  • The Pollinator

    The Pollinator

    ‘The Pollinator’ is a name to celebrate the hard work all our pollinators do everyday around the world to pollinate plants resulting in about ⅓ of the food you eat. The Honey sold by The Pollinator is just a bonus of keeping bees that do this important work. I have three Flow Hives in my…

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  • Hive and Harvest

    Hive and Harvest

    While our heart lies in the scenic hinterland of the Sunshine Coast, our bees journey across the vast landscapes of South East Queensland. From the refreshing seaside breezes to the lush hinterland and the expansive country plains, they forage in diverse ecosystems. Each environment, with its unique flora, imparts distinct flavours to our Raw Australian…

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  • Bob’s Beekeeping Supplies

    Bob’s Beekeeping Supplies

    We have been helping beekeepers locally and throughout Australia and New Zealand for over 15 years. Ours is a family business and as beekeepers ourselves we enjoy talking to and helping our customers with all aspects of our favourite hobby.

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  • Wild Nectar Honey

    Wild Nectar Honey

    At Wild Nectar, we produce 100% Australian, cold extracted raw honey. Our hives, located in the South Coast and Central NSW, bring you the best pure and organic honey with our unbeatable, iconic Aussie bush flavour. You can buy our local honey directly from us online, or find a store near you through the ‘Find…

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  • Wanderer Australian Honey

    Wanderer Australian Honey

    Our bees are collecting nectar from a variety of trees and plants, allowing us to have a different variety of honey made at a different season. We have been extracting honey for 3 generations and work passionately to bring the honey to you as fresh and as natural it can be. My journey with honey-making…

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