Beescreek Honey

Beescreek Honey bees operate in the tropical monsoonal climate native to Australia’s northern regions. With two disparate seasons (wet and dry) our European Honeybees (Apis mellifera) experience dry and cool weather for one half of the year and extreme heat, humidity and rain for the other.
Our beekeeping process is widely different to that in Australia’s southern states.
Our bees are expertly cared for to ensure they are protected from the elements and uninterrupted while carrying out their natural honey-making and pollination processes.

Beescreek Honey Pty Ltd began in 2011 when Director Andrew Shugg procured his first beehive.
At the time, Andrew was the owner-operator of a successful welding company in his hometown Darwin, Northern Territory. Growing up, his father always shared his interest in beehives, which sparked Andrew’s own beehive fascination. The operation quickly grew from one beehive to multiple, as Andrew was able to obtain and split more hives.
After 3 years, Beescreek Honey won a contract to pollinate pumpkins in the Northern Territory.
Thus, the reliable Beescreek Honey pollination services reputation was born.

Beescreek honey is raw, unfiltered and extracted by hand for authenticity. Our honey does not undergo any harmful processes so as not to disturb the natural product of our bees honey-making process. Our hives a cared for in natural bush surroundings which effects our bees honey-making process, taste and appearance of their honey. The result is a dark, distinctly full, almost caramel flavoured honey you are certain to enjoy. We distribute the honey we extract with the community and surrounding Darwin regions, and are proud to label it Beescreek Honey.

We proudly extract, package and label our honey so you can experience it for yourself.
Besides our approved stockists, Darwin residents and tourists can purchase Beescreek honey from our previous welding company site in Winnellie, NT. Bring your own container and we will top you up with our uniquely flavoured honey.