Bluegum Bushcraft

Bluegum Bushcraft runs rewilding programmes on the NSW South Coast. Our mission at Bluegum Bushcraft is simple: ​to help you feel at home in the wild!
We do outdoor rewilding education, using coyote mentoring and rapport based relating to helping people of all ages deepen into healthy connection with themselves, each other, and our natural world.

Lee taught bushcraft and ‘coyote mentoring’ on youth camps, before training as a psychotherapist and counsellor.
Lee has been using Jon Young’s coyote mentoring approach for over a decade, and began learning and teaching bushcraft as a teenager at the Forest School Camps in the UK. He studied primitive survival skills at Tom Brown Jr’s Tracker School, and Practical Primitive, both in the US, and spent a year living in the bush, finding shelter, water and food on the landscape; putting it into practice. More than that, he found a radically new experience of what it means to be human.
Now he brings psychology and bushcraft together for rewilding; helping people of all ages to reawaken their wildness and deepen their connection with the natural world.