Bush Bee

Bush Bees is an organisation that is incredibly passionate about Australia’s native bees. The happiness and health of our bees, and the conservation of wild bees, comes first in everything that we do.
Bush Bees was founded in 2018 by Isaac Mayer at the age of 14, out of a passion for bees and nature. Since then, we have looked after over 1 million native bees, installed dozens of hives in gardens, schools, and company locations, made over 3 000 sales of native bee products, and educated more than 30 million people about native bees through our social media channels.
We keep hives in a number of sites across Australia, including Sydney and Brisbane.

We aim to raise awareness of native bees, educate people further about how to support wild populations, keep hives of stingless bees, and more.
We rescue colonies under threat from human behaviour, and increase native pollinator populations with bee hotels and stingless beehives.
We are custodians to hundreds of thousands of stingless bees, and we strive to provide the best care for them with ethical beekeeping practices.