Castle Glen Winery

Determined to create 100% All Natural Wines, Cedric Millar – Castle Glen’s Master Winemaker – oversees all of the growing and production methods personally. Using only the grapes grown in Castle Glen’s own Vineyard, Cedric produces wine with personality and allows the character of the season determine the final outcome of our wine.

He does not tamper with the wine by adding preservatives, chemicals or enhancers – Cedric encourages the grapes to proclaim their own beauty to the world. He says, “A truly great wine is made only of grapes!” Castle Glen’s grapes are not sprayed with harmful pesticides, nor are they fed with artificial fertilizers. Our healthy, well-established grape vines are carefully tended, preened and pruned, well-fed and nourished using the best natural traditional methods available – and this alone ensures a bountiful harvest. At harvest time, all of our grapes are hand-picked.

Cedric says, “It is my personal mission to ensure Castle Glen Australia produces the best quality products for the best possible price. I don’t want to create products with chemicals and preservatives that can make you sick. It is my aim for our customers to be able to drink as much of our products as they like without any nasty side-effects.”
Cedric invites you to come and visit to try some of his amazing creations at Castle Glen.