East Forged

Australian tea specialist, Kym Cooper, has built a reputation in hospitality tea consultancy. Her passion has been quality tea menus that included cold tea, along with tea and food pairing events. In 2017, she met Tania Stacey, the current Australian Tea Brewing Champion. A Taiwanese tea enthusiast, Tania went on to represent Australia in Shanghai, China.
Kym and Tania realised their individual tea journeys had forged a similar mindset. To create a tea drink that suited the modern lifestyle. They share a commitment to tea-forward drinks that they create from scratch. East Forged drinks are not built on natural (or artificial) flavours or colours. Kym and Tania focus on Australian-grown teas and ingredients direct from the farmers. So, like wine, nature can dictate differences in East Forged productions.
Together, Kym and Tania bring specialist knowledge that they have lived and breathed.
Together, they channel that knowledge into East Forged.