Echo Valley Farm

Since our farming adventure began, we have developed, and continue to develop, a multi species integrated farming system that includes a range of enterprises such as cattle, sheep, poultry, pigs, hay/grain and seasonal small cropping.
Ethical, sustainable, regenerative and holistic farming. What does it mean to us?
When establishing our farming operation at Echo Valley, sound and ethical ecological farming practices took priority. Thinking long on how we could integrate these approaches into our farm systems, we developed the ‘4 Good’ principles.
‘Good for the animal, good for the land, good for the farmer and good for you’.
These 4 values are integral to every industry on farm, with each farming enterprise at Echo Valley having been thoughtfully established to be in harmony and linked to the other on-farm systems, creating a farm that not only applies the 4 goods, but is holistic in its approach.
With a diverse landscape of open grass grazing country, basalt uplands and remnant forested areas, we have found it is possible to create the perfect blend of environments, eliminating the need for chemicals and embracing what we believe is an ethical and regenerative approach to farming.