Fewster’s Farm Honey

Fewster’s Farm (FF) is owned and operated by Kim Fewster, a fourth generation beekeeper, who has proudly kept on the family tradition which began in 1898.
Fewster’s Farm is one of the largest producers of honey in Western Australia. Fewster’s Farm honey is as pristine as the environment it comes from. The honey is never heat-treated, no chemicals or preservatives are added and the honey comes naturally from the hive to your home.
Organic Food Chain has accredited Fewster’s Farm as organically certified, meaning the honey extraction and processing centre is inspected regularly by the Organic Food Board and the honey itself must come from environments in which there is no agricultural or industrial activity within a 5 km radius. The honey is tested for microbial content and must adhere to strict guidelines in order to remain organically certified.
Fewster’s Farm is one of the biggest producers of Jarrah honey in the world. Jarrah honey is known for its high anti-oxidants and healing properties.