KI & Co

Run by mother and daughter duo, Robyn and Kellie, KI & Co. Australia was born from a simple love of creating.
With our shared love of travel and all things creative, we always sought out locally made jewellery and authentic keepsakes. So when Kellie moved back to South Australia for a few years, we set out to make our own local and Australian collections. We’re now split across two Australian coasts and states, with Robyn on Kangaroo Island, South Australia, and Kellie living north of Coffs Harbour, New South Wales, so we can spread our creative love across Australia!
KI & Co. Australia (formerly Kangaroo Island and Co.) was established in 2016 and the range continues to grow and evolve. Robyn (mother) is the potter and artist, Kellie (daughter) works with leather and runs the business, and we co-design all of our products.
We are proudly an official ‘Australian Made’ licensee for our full range of leather earrings, porcelain stud earrings, art gift cards, art prints, Kangaroo Island activity books and Kangaroo Island magnets.