Little Bumble Wraps

We strive to significantly reduce food wastage and single use plastic with our world leading reusable food wraps. Our wraps save precious TIME and hard-earned MONEY, by keeping your food fresher for longer, which means smaller grocery bills and less shopping trips. Not to mention the ENVIRONMENTAL impacts of reducing plastic pollution and providing a HEALTHIER food storage alternative for your household!
Mentioned by Choice as Food Wrap Stars, we are the ONLY reusable wrap creators with qualifications and expertise in the relevant industries to ensure we provide you with food safe wraps that outlast and outperform. We are also deeply passionate about education and partnering with our community to encourage them in their sustainable habits. Our team of lovely worker bees are all dedicated local women, some from disability services and some mums, who thrive in our meaningful, flexible, and positive working culture, allowing us to make a big impact for our families, community and planet!