Mallow Organic Farm

Mallow Organic Farm near Stanthorpe Queensland, is where we provide holiday accommodation at Mallow Cottage and offer wellbeing courses & retreats with Mallow Wellbeing.
The name Mallow comes from the town in County Cork in Ireland of the same name. It was the name given to a school located in the area & is the name of the local rural fire service. Andrew & Helen re-adopted the name for their farm when they bought it in 1992.

Mallow Farm has a long history dating back to the Cobb & Co Coach days in the late 1800’s, where Mallow was a coach stop from Inglewood to Stanthorpe. It’s also known as the ‘10 mile’ as that was the distance horses travelled between each change, feed or water. The woolshed that is currently standing near Texas Rd was originally this ‘staging post’ and then a tavern or ‘pub’ and then a boarding house in 1872, before being converted to a woolshed in the early 1950’s.
The cottage that stands nearby was originally a series of small stand alone huts that were joined at some stage to become shearers quarters.
Mallow Farm is currently 1200 acres, but was once part of a larger property called ‘Midlothian’. It has run sheep since the early days of settlement and in recent years has become certified organic to run lambs on pasture.