MJP Studio

Our Ethos
Authenticity and quality drive us in what we do. Our designs celebrate a rich material use, and the makers attention to detail.
Every piece is designed and crafted with the utmost care and sensibility.
We strive to create objects to be woven into the fabric of the family home: objects that become a living, breathing part of the family.
We want our pieces to create long-lasting memories for the people that use them. Just imagine the stories that they could tell.

Our Offering
Furniture pieces are handmade and tailored to suit each client. These beautifully crafted designs are all made to order and can be tweaked to suit the individual home that they are destined for. Timber, finish and sizing are just a few of the ways these designs can be made your own.
Objects have the ability to shape the way we live, and enhance our lives. Our objects are well designed and thoughtful products made exclusively for your home. They can be bought directly from us, or via our select retail network across Australia.
Limited pieces are exclusive. They showcase iterative design thinking and skilful crafting. Included are low volume and one-off concept designs for both commission and exhibition. They also include large residential and commercial projects that MJP Studio are involved with.

Our Team
At the core of our team is designer/maker Matt Pearson. Matt has had a life long passion for crafting things,
and has been making furniture professionally since 2011. We also have a small but dedicated team of makers, each as passionate about quality and workmanship as the other.
​Nothing leaves the workshop that we are not 100% happy with.