Nourished Blends Gut Food

When your digestive health is off, everything is off! This is because gut health is foundational – it’s the very important barrier that bridges internal to our external.
Our bodies are absolutely teeming with life, and I’m not just talking about our own cells. Inside each of us exists an ecosystem of microorganisms, collectively known as the ‘microbiome’. These inhabitants play a monumental role in shaping our overall health, mood, immunity and wellbeing.

Nourished Blends Gut Food is designed to target, soothe and nourish a healthy microbiome using a carefully selected list of whole foods that include gentle prebiotic fibres (that won’t bloat!), polyphenols and postbiotics. Because we know that if your microbiome is healthy, then so are you!

I’m proud to say that Gut Food was lovingly created out of a simple human connection and a genuine need for help.
As a Clinical Nutritionist, I used to work at a large health food store called Go Vita Currimundi. In a quiet moment on a Friday afternoon, a lady walked in with some papers in her hand. I could see that she had been recently crying but had tried to compose herself and wipe the tears away before coming into the shop. She came to the counter and asked me if I had any Metamucil in store. I kindly but firmly said, ‘No!’ (we didn’t carry it anyway but there was no way I was about to let her use a product with artificial flavours and additives).

She informed me that she had just been to her doctor and was told with her blood results in hand that she needed to make changes in her life or her doctor would put her on several medications. Inflammation, cholesterol and blood glucose / insulin were high along with severe constipation and digestive challenges. I asked her if she would let me make her a fibre blend that was natural and could do the same job (if not better) on improving her health. So, I walked over to the organic bulk food bins and thought of each nutrient she required to fix her health and what whole food that could offer that nutrition. I placed all the ingredients in a large paper bag and asked her to grind it up and have about one tablespoon per day with plenty of clean water.

About six weeks later she came back into the store with a new set of bloods, walked straight up to me and gave me a big hug. She said that everything had started to improve and that she couldn’t believe that such a simple habit could make such an impact. For years I used to give the ‘recipe’ to my clients to make themselves until the day came to make it into what it is now. You can never go wrong if you do something to help your gut barrier and microbiome. So much of our health starts with the gut. Small changes in food and nourishment can make a big impact in your health and happiness!