Sarah Tracton

Sarah Tracton is a multidisciplinary fine artist and bespoke lighting designer. A graduate of the National Art School, she has built a reputation for using innovative ceramic techniques to create bespoke handcrafted lighting that is an intersection of fine art, craft and functional design. She fuses innovative cordless technologies with traditional craft processes to create lighting that emits exquisitely luminous and ethereal outcomes when paired with LEDs.

In the final year of her BFA, Sarah refined a technique of building architectural porcelain slabs from pouring wet porcelain slip onto a smooth plaster surface. Her distinctive iridescent colouring creates a marbled chromatic panorama akin to landscape topography. Her creative process involves pairing traditional clay crafting techniques with the finest grade porcelains plus high-end design, manufacturing & fabrication for bespoke architectural lighting applications. She uses Kintsugi golden repair technique, in line with the ethos of circular economy in combating wastage.

Sarah handcrafts her lighting with the finest Australian porcelain clays which deliver luminous and ethereal translucency. Each light is a fully individualised fusion of fine art and functional design, fitted with Australian made LEDs creating a seamless cordless design for streamlined visual aesthetic.