Symphony Hill Wines

The name Symphony Hill Wines encapsulates the grand philosophy of enjoying the ‘symphony of life’. A philosophy and lifestyle that celebrates all that makes life special. This includes great wine, great music, great friends, great laughter and great causes to get behind, all merge together towards a life of treasured memories.

Symphony Hill Wines is a group of family and friends bonded together on the quest to make world class wines and to never stop learning. We are a company that wholeheartedly believes in the mind blowing potential of wines grown and made on the Granite Belt. The Granite Belt is the promised land of viticulture with altitudes ranging from 600m to 1000m – all within the one region. As a result climatic conditions vary tremendously allowing all sorts of varieties to excel depending on which altitude they are planted.

As an example, our own vineyard is the highest of the region allowing our flagship wine, Reserve Shiraz, to produce a style of wine that is unique in Australia and totally different to Shiraz grown at lower altitudes. Our Cabernet Sauvignon is harvested in early May which is one month later than Cabernet harvested in Clare Valley, showing how cool our climate is in comparison to other wine regions.
Lower altitude vineyards on the Granite Belt are where we source varieties more suited to slightly warmer conditions, like Petit Verdot and Tempranillo. It is a wonderful situation to be able to make excellent wine from so many different varieties.

We are pioneers in a wine region not previously known for world class wine and for every challenge that comes our way when marketing a new wine region, we see an even bigger opportunity to introduce simply stunning wines that changes the way people think about Australian wine. Our vision for the future of the Australia wine industry, is a shift from traditional Australian wine regions and traditional mainstream varieties to exciting new alternative varieties from new wine regions that excite people like any great wine should. Varieties like Fiano, Petit Manseng, Lagrein and Petit Verdot.

Our winemaker Abraham de Klerk has had decades of experience in some of the worlds best wineries including Chateau Clos du Clocher in Pomerol, working with 3 generations of French vignerons, in close proximity to famous Chateau Petrus and Le Pin. He has a double degree in viticulture and oenology and has the best palate we have ever experienced. His ability to distinguish between and appreciate different flavours and aromas is truly gifted.

We are giving it a crack. And after our first two decades of learning, we look forward to what the next decade will teach us. Stay tuned…