Waverley Mills

For 150 years, we have been crafting Australia’s finest textiles at our historic weaving mill situated on the idyllic banks of Distillery Creek in Launceston. We are the last mill of our kind in Australia and are proud to spin, weave and finish each blanket, throw and scarf here onsite in Tasmania.
In 1874, Scotsman Peter Bulman founded our mill and began producing tweed, blankets, felted cloth, shirting and flannel. At the time, the press dubbed it the Waverley Woollen Factory, the name Bulman would later adapt to the Waverley Woollen Mills.

Sustainability and circularity have always been at the heart of our operations, and our landmark work in the 1900s – when we recycled wool offcuts from the factory floor to create blankets for those in need – truly set the standard for innovation in sustainable textile production. As time progressed on, wool manufacturing in Australia faced difficult times, and Waverley Mills experienced its share of challenges through various economic and operational pressures. Despite this, the brand has remained resilient over the past 150 years with a loyal following that has extended across the globe.

Today, Waverley Mills serves as a testament to resilience and tradition, still existing as the only mill of its kind in Australia that takes raw fibre and transforms it into finished goods all onsite. Our history is a remarkable story of survival and success, embodying the spirit and commitment of generations of workers and artisans.

Being a part of Australian history, we continue to partner with many iconic Australian brands and organisations and lead the way with our own brand of contemporary textiles. We strive to remain a leader in the industry, creating new and innovative ways to improve our products and be the provider of warmth and comfort to those in Australia and beyond.