Wild Wren Wines

Everyone has the ability to transform and realise their potential and that’s what inspired Renee to create Wild Ren Wines. Using over 20 years’ experience in the wine and tourism industry, previously owner and co-founder of Gundog Estate, she now stands proudly up front and centre as the creator, Director and CEO of her own wine company.

And so, when it came time for Renee Burton (known as Ren to her friends), to develop a name for her new wine brand, the Wren was a natural fit. Apart from the play on her name, it’s the perfect representation of Renee’s own personality and life experiences. Not only are Wren’s beautiful, but they are also strong. These birds have a striking blue colouring and most people only see their beauty. But if you dig deeper, they face each day with brave, courageous hearts.

Ren and her winemaking team work together to produce serious Hunter wines, but deliciousness is at the heart of every wine. Showcasing both traditional and modern styles from premium Hunter vineyards, all wines are distinctive, striking and inspiring.

Wild Ren Wines aspires to get involved in programs that help girls build their self-esteem and encourage them to realise their potential. It’s about developing our next generation of girls to dare to dream, being fearless and courageous in taking control of their own destiny.

We want people to feel connected and inspired by Wild Ren Wines. To drink the wine and feel emboldened to change their world for the better.