Damaged Goods Distilling Co.

We’re on a mission to prove that spirits made with imperfect ingredients don’t have to be anything less than perfect… in fact, as two ex-hospo alums, our palates are finely tuned to seek perfection, so that’s the only thing we’ll accept.
We’re not trying to recreate the same spirits you’re used to, though. We’re aiming for even better. Our unique ingredients and innovative distilling techniques create traditional taste profiles, with a delightful twist. And you won’t believe they ever came from waste.
We’re all about pushing boundaries, not only with our recipes, but with our operations across the board, including at our close-to-zero-waste distillery. And we’re genuinely passionate about the planet, which makes it all the more satisfying knowing that we are saving produce from landfill, one sip at a time. Now drinking the highest quality spirits and making a sustainable choice don’t have to be mutually exclusive. Cheers to that.